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Your unique piece of the puzzle

Do you ever find yourself stopped in your tracks? Here's a mindset piece to help you pick up and move forward with passion.   Maybe you have your newsletter all set to go – and don’t hit the send button. Maybe you have your talk 90% complete, but instead of polishing it and setting up …

How Tight is Your Grip?

Would you like to let life be easier? Here’s my invitation for you: Close your eyes and see your story as just what it is. A story. Everybody’s got one. Picture holding it out in front of you, like a book, and let it be just your story – not you. It’s not you, of course. It’s just a story that at this moment you are calling your story. How lightly can you hold it? How easy can you let it be to put it down, and choose a story that works better?

How Can a Vase Inspire Change?

Let me tell you a story about a woman who lived in a sweet little house, which was completely cluttered. There were piles of magazines and newspapers, and boxes of stuff that wouldn’t fit on shelves; it was actually hard to walk through her home without feeling like you were exploring an old dusty attic. …

What are you tolerating in your one precious life?

What are you tolerating in the area you want to change, and what is it costing you? Once you truly expose that cost to yourself, without any sugar coating, you get serious traction on the road to making the change. When you can get yourself to the point of zero tolerance, through really understanding the cost, you’ve opened the door wide open to making lasting change.

Hold the Beat

Drumming together is a powerful metaphor for life. In relationship, when your partner is sad, don’t go down with them, in a misguided effort to support them. Is it truly supportive to be sad along with them? Consider instead offer compassion and caring – while staying strong and happy yourself. Hold the beat. Give them a rhythm to reach for when they are ready to come back in.

Morning Listening Time

About six months ago, I chose the new habit of holding my first hour of the day absolutely sacred – it’s my download-from-the-universe time, when I sit and let the ideas flow…my one personal rule is NO TECHNOLOGY. No phone, e-mail, etc. It’s amazing, the ideas and information that flow to me during this time …