Developing trust through moments of celebration

IMG_4320I’ve been thinking a lot about trust lately – trusting people, trusting myself, trusting life and the universe. I had a conversation with a friend this morning that helped me focus a few of my musings.

When I examine the evidence, it turns out that the best things in my life have come through being willing to trust. Who knew. Especially when I began my most recent journey, I wasn’t consciously thinking about trust at all – I just knew is that I was too stuck for words, and had to do something different.

I chose to do something massively different…and now that three years have gone by, I see the equally massive benefits that have come my way though stepping into deep trust.

I now see that a large part of developing trust is noticing, in retrospect, where I have made trusting decisions that have led me to a powerful new place. This gives me a chance to consciously focus on the times when my trust has been supported. Times that I have gained amazing new growth through my ability to trust.

My new action around this is to make noticing the benefits of trust a conscious part of my celebrations. When I am in a resoundingly good moment, I look around and think of at least one moment of real trust that led up to it. A trusting action that made this good moment possible.

Facing the past and being grateful for that moment of trust makes it so much easier to turn around, face the future, and step into trust again next time.

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