Enough with WHAT IF. Start FEELING what you want, and Engage life NOW!

I find myself speaking a lot these days about the power of stepping up to truly WANT what we want – the want it enough that we create it.

I had an experience this last week with my business – and life – mentor, Kevin Nations, where he shone that light back at me. In a critical area of my business where I was saying “This is not what I want, but I am staying in a place of trust around it,” he called BS on me, and said: “That trust is keeping you from changing. It’s time right now to quit trusting and start acting.”

Well, he was SO right, and it is SO my message, delivered back to me when I needed it most.

So here’s my question to pass on to you:

Where are you holding yourself in the same old patterns, by trusting that somehow things will just be OK? Where are you making it OK, when in your heart it is NOT? Where are you settling?

Is it time to try something different? Is it time to stand up and say – “Wait a minute. I am either going to keep running these same patterns for the rest of my life, or I am going to change them. What if – WHAT IF there is something inside of me that is causing these results, over and over…and WHAT IF I can figure out a way to do something about that?”

It was that kind of day, years ago, when I knew it was time to make things different.

I sat up in bed and said – no more what if, no more tolerating a life that isn’t as fully engaged as I can make it. I’m going to go find it, I’m going to create it, I’m going to figure out how to live it.

I am done asking WHY, because it has become a disempowering question for me.
And I will no longer settle for just wondering WHAT IF.

I am going to start admitting how I want to feel, and move toward FEELING it.  Creating it. When? NOW!

I saw other people doing it, living that fully engaged life.

I finally said, if they can, I can. I have been there before, when I was young, and by God I will be there again.

THAT was my moment of allowing myself to want what I wanted, badly enough to go get it. It changed my life.

If you want something, let that be OK! More than OK! Engage with it. Release the blocks that are between you and going for what you most want. There are many specific ways to do that. I offer some really powerful tools to do just that, as do other people. Find the ones that work for you, and jump into that beautiful, supportive current.

How much longer are you willing to remain in the place of settling for less than full engagement with life?

There’s a big movement afoot, of people stepping up and saying, NOW. It is what is happening on our planet right now, in a very big way. Come join in!

If this resonates, and you are ready to stop settling, here is my gift of service to you:
I offer a limited number of absolutely free strategy sessions on a regular basis, to figure out what is your very next action to stop settling and get into the flow.

Click here to apply for one of those sessions: https://scoutwilkins.com/strategy_session.html

I cannot work with everyone who applies, so please know that I choose to work with the people who are the most specific and who I believe I can help. Take some time to answer the question I ask on that page. Just the act of answering that question will get you closer to creating the life you want.

Thank you so much, I will deeply appreciate your comments on this post.

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