What is the opposite of Hopelessness?

Swimming in a sea of KNOWING
Swimming in a sea of KNOWING

I have recently started talking about a new realization I have had: that the opposite of hopelessness, for me, is NOT hope. It is rather, a deep sense of knowing.

I imagine that before you actually experience this, it can be confusing statement – and in fact, I heard that earlier today.

When I was working with a client this morning, at the end of our time together, she said – “You know, I listened to that statement on Monday, and didn’t really get it. Now I get it, to my core.” So I asked her, while the experience was fresh, to write about what it felt like to her – and here’s what she has to say. I hope this can help some of you to imagine that feeling of KNOWING.

****** From Lisa *****

When I first heard Scout say, “The opposite of hopelessness is knowing”, I was intrigued, could sort of understand it at an intellectual level, but it didn’t resonate within me; I couldn’t seem to truly understand what it meant.

After an amazing session working with Scout today on a deep core anxiety I have had, now I totally get what she meant at a level I could not have previously imagined.

It’s a feeling of lightness in my body and spirit, replacing a sense of heaviness and despair. It’s a feeling of realness, a solid KNOWING right to my core about what is now true and feels sort of new, but yet is not new because it is what my spirit has known all along. There is a feeling of incredulousness in this new reality, yet the feeling is also very solid and deep, because it feels like I have connected to a deep inner place that is not my mind, not my thoughts…it is who I am as a being, as a spirit, as a life force. Scout’s work has given me the powerful, heart-felt experience of knowing what KNOWING is, not just a cognitive impression of what I had ‘thought’ it might be. And so that KNOWING erases the hopelessness because they just can’t be experienced at the same time. They are two different experiences of life.

Thank you, Scout, for your profound gift today.

Lisa xo

****** THANK YOU, Lisa. For going deep, and then sharing. xxo ********

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