Morning Listening Time

About six months ago, I chose the new habit of holding my first hour of the day absolutely sacred – it’s my download-from-the-universe time, when I sit and let the ideas flow…my one personal rule is NO TECHNOLOGY. No phone, e-mail, etc. It’s amazing, the ideas and information that flow to me during this time – and I shudder now, to think how much I missed, when I used to get right up and plug in to the electronic world before plugging in to my connection with the universe.

It’s a bit different than meditation, because I keep my notepad and pen handy to write down the ideas that come pouring in.

One of the collateral benefits is that it puts me in the place, through the rest of my day, of listening more closely and following my nudges as they come. It’s a great way to enhance the synchronicity that happens in life.

There's nothing like staring at a fire or moving water to deepen the listening!

One just never knows how the little bits putout into the world are going to impact others…one of my biggest learnings on this journey is to grab those opportunities to act on my nudges: call the person I am thinking about, say the positive thing I am inclined to say, turn down this road instead of that one, and then look for the reason I did.

I also notice that the more I listen and follow them, the better my nudges get.

Is there a time in your morning that you can sit still, listen, and take notes?

There’s nothing like staring at a fire or moving water to deepen the listening!

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