Your unique piece of the puzzle

Do you ever find yourself stopped in your tracks?

Here's a mindset piece to help you pick up and move forward with passion.


Maybe you have your newsletter all set to go – and don’t hit the send button.

Maybe you have your talk 90% complete, but instead of polishing it and setting up dates to deliver it, you veer off into working on your website.

Maybe you teach how to be organized and run a very efficient effective business – and you know you’re not doing that yourself right now.


Any one of these things can leave you feeling like a fraud – knowing that you’re not doing what you know you need to do.

And here’s what I have come to see, in my work – most of the time when this is happening, there’s one key piece of self doubt hiding at the bottom of all these scenarios.

Some facet of I’m not enough.

I’m not ready enough. I don’t have enough information. I don’t have enough training. I’m not fast enough. I’m not smart enough. I don’t have enough credentials.  Or that old voice: Who do you think you are, anyway?

Or maybe you go into comparisons instead:

So and So has already done this.  They know how to do this. They have more experience. They’ve got more knowledge. They’ve got a better background. They’ve got a bigger list. They’ve got a proven product. I’ll never catch up. I have to do something different. That’s already been done.

On and on…


Well, if this sounds like something you tell yourself sometimes – I’ve got an idea I’d like you to consider.

We live in an amazing time in the history of the world. There is so much growth of consciousness and awareness, connectivity and incredible growth and expansion. It is a time of miracles.

We all came here, to this world, to participate. We each brought a piece of the puzzle of what is being created…our own unique, beautiful piece.

Maybe you can feel this inside of you. I think, if you are in this conversation, the likelihood is high that you have this feeling inside:

That you are here to do something important, meaningful and beautiful.

I agree with that. I happen to think that everyone who is here on earth is here to bring a beautiful piece of the whole. Especially those heart-centered people who are actively seeking ways to be more effective, more influential, more successful – those of you who are in that place know it. You know there’s something big afoot and you’re here to be part of it.

So here’s the idea to consider:

You are carrying a piece of the whole. A piece of the big beautiful puzzle of what we are creating right now. A piece that is absolutely unique to you. Even if your message may sometimes sound like someone else’s message – only you can deliver it in your special way, which will be heard by the people who resonate with you.

Only you can deliver your piece. No one else can.

Which means that if you don’t bring it, no one will. Your part of all this beauty will not show up. It will forever be missing.

So any time you question whether you are enough – enough of anything, in any way, remember this.

The world needs what you bring. Without it, that piece will be missing forever. Please,

Summon your courage.
Clear the doubt.
Center in your power.


Do what it takes to allow yourself to bring your piece.


It is time.



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One comment on “Your unique piece of the puzzle”

  • Hi Scout – I just found your site recently through someone who I now can't remember, but clearly it was meant to be.  I really loved this post as I know that feeling well and have always believed there's a special way I'm meant to contribute. The concept of thinking of it as a piece of a puzzle that is uniquely mine is very interesting – I am going to play with that this week and see where it takes me. Thanks for the smile and the inspiration. Namaste.


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