Change the Question, Change your Actions…Change your RESULTS.

Quick and easy, 3 minute video tool.

Do you find affirmations a bit hard to swallow?

Like: “If I believed that, I’d be doing it already!”  right?

While I do know affirmations can work, to me they feel a bit like hitting your inner mind with a two-by-four, to beat it into accepting something it doesn’t believe yet. Instead of beating it in, why not be smarter? Be a bit stealthy, and sneak it in the back door. Goofing around and tricking your unconscious mind a little bit makes it a LOT easier to change a belief.


Why change a belief? When you change a belief, you change your actions, and changing your actions, of course, will change your results.


Just Change the Question you are asking.

Use this simple tool to easily re-set your expectations and beliefs about who you are, what you do, what’s easy or hard – in such a way that you naturally begin to do things that previously you avoided, considered difficult, or just not “who you are“.

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One comment on “Change the Question, Change your Actions…Change your RESULTS.”

  • Hi Scout, 
    I found this video on youtube.  I think this question is so simple and so profound.  It is definitely life altering.  It inspired me to link into your website.  I think your website is beautiful.  It has a really good energy in it.  
    Thank you for the message.  Best wishes.


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