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Life is Short

There are a lot of people out there who are sitting up, saying – life IS short!
These are the kinds of things I am hearing – do any of them sound familiar?

I’ve just had a major wake-up call, my best friend is loosing her battle with cancer…
I’ve just woken up to the fact that after 35 years I cannot blame the fact that my relationships are not working, on the other person…
I am so tired of settling for less than the exciting, engaged life that I have always pictured!

Here’s the chorus: Done! We’re done with it!
How many times do we have to say that before we actually do something else?

How Can a Vase Inspire Change?

Let me tell you a story about a woman who lived in a sweet little house, which was completely cluttered. There were piles of magazines and newspapers, and boxes of stuff that wouldn’t fit on shelves; it was actually hard to walk through her home without feeling like you were exploring an old dusty attic. …

Why I love facebook

Six reasons why I love facebook: People can read what they want when they want, I can share great videos, articles, websites, tools easily, it creates real time, real live new relationships in my life, I can stay in touch so easily with friends around the globe, My long distance friends feel so much more part of my life, and it’s quick and easy.

Are you dragging a ball and chain?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re dragging around a ball and chain, when you set out to accomplish something? It can be crazy sometimes – we really want to do a certain project, and yet when we try to get started, we come up with all kinds of things to put in the way. Make …