Relief as a Gauge

I don’t know about you, but there are certainly times in my life that I am just not absolutely sure how I feel about a choice I need to make. Is it yes, is it no? Sometimes that’s obvious – and there are other times that it just isn’t.

With all due deference to the philosophy that if it isn’t a resounding YES!, it’s a “no” (which I can certainly agree with much of the time) – there just are some situations where I’m not that clear.

I’ve noticed that while I don’t always know in advance, there is a trick to figuring it out that almost always works – which is, to put myself into an imaginary position of having made the decision, and gauging my relief.

The way this works, for example, is when you have two apparently equally compelling choices, toss a coin to see which one you will do.

Heads: I do A, tails: B.

Then – feel the sensation in your body as you flip the coin and get the answer. Heads: does your heart lift, or does it sink? Throw again…tails…again, gauge your physical reaction.

This can give you a tremendous amount of information about how you really feel, at the deepest level. Which choice has you feeling relieved?

And if that doesn’t work, you can always follow my good friend Ben Brungraber’s suggestion: When you’re faced with two equal choices in life, take the one that will make the best story…in the end, that’s all you have anyway!

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