Why I love facebook

scout_nifs_dskI was writing a note to my list, wondering if I was wearing them out, when I realized that I could solve that problem by inviting them to become a fan on facebook if they want more of the cool stuff I find out in the world (http://facebook.com/say.yes.to.life).

Knowing that many people are still skeptical of the facebook phenomenon, I began writing this explanation…all the while being concerned that many of them might flinch at a long email…

Which is point number one of why I love facebook!

I don’t have to worry about fatiguing the people who have said they’d like to be in conversation with me, the way I do when I am sending e-mails.

So I moved my explanation over here to my blog, will invite everyone on my list to the fan page AND to this explanation, and I can keep my relationship with my list happy and respectful. I’m giving them a lot more control over how much they get from me, without it having to be an all or nothing – subscribe, or unsubscribe.

So – here are some reasons I love facebook:

1. People can read what they want when they want without any sense of obligation, intrusion or frustration at a crazy full inbox. You go to facebook when you want, whether it’s every hour or once a week. I can post without feeling like I’m intruding….the people who want to read will do so, the rest won’t. We’re all happy.

2. I can share great videos, articles, websites, tools easily – and again, without any significant use of my friends’ attention unless they find it interesting. I have the little “Share on facebook” button on my tool bar and can easily post websites I come across…it’s all seamless and easy.

3. Facebook creates real time, real live new relationships in my life. It’s like this: I meet someone at a party, whose name I have heard in my circle but never met. Used to be, we’d see each other, nod, talk a bit, maybe even exchange phone numbers, and then go away and get busy and not call. That would be that until we met again a year later. Now, potential new friends and I swap facebook info, I get to see who’s hiking or doing fun things I like to do, we meet for coffee or a hike, knowing quite a bit about each other and ready to deepen a friendship.

4. I can stay in touch so easily with friends around the globe – after traveling and training these past few years I’ve made some wonderful connections…I can watch their progress and successes without having to interact to do so.

5. My long distance friends feel so much more part of my life. It may sound weird – I’m actually supporting that random post that says something like, “Well, I’m having bacon and eggs this morning…” – but my connection to, say, my friend Karolyn in Idaho feels so much stronger now that I can read that over the weekend her son will be home, or she’s happily organizing…(Our shared passion – I always call her when I get to make a trip into the Container Store. Be still my heart, who KNEW there was such a store! OK, now you’re in on one of my secrets…I am a cool box and stacking tray junkie.)

6. It’s quick and easy. At first, like many, I was a maniac. I wondered if it had taken over my life. But I’ve reined myself in, and now I can get on, check things out, make come connections, comments and an update, and be done 15 or 20 minutes later, with a whole world of fresh connection. All from right here in my little home office.

For me – it just plain feels like a miracle, it supports the connection that I am all about, and it’s free and easy. What’s not to love?

Thanks for your comments and forwards!

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