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Asking HOW vs  WHYHow vs Why

Yesterday I received this question via email…it's such a great question, I decided to answer it here. May it serve!


Hey, Scout,

Thanks a lot for this life changing tool! (My Change the Question video)
I love your info, but am a litlle confused which question is more powerful, "why" or "how"?

Thanks so much, P

Dear P,

HOW vs WHY, That's a great question, thank you! 


"How" is definitely the more powerful question. Asking "why" just leads you into blame and excuses and reasons and justifications.


Here's a good way to approach a situation that you want to change is, using your questions to support you:

Begin by accepting that you are where you are, and put down all resistance.

Here I am, right now, in this spot. I accept that.

Breathe into it, allow it, use the variety of tools I offer to step into full acceptance.


And now, having fully accepted it as my current reality, I would like to change it. I choose to have this be different as I move forward. I recognize that in wanting to change,

Why I am here is far, far less important than how I will choose to deal with it.


Some people see Why as an interesting and useful question to lead you to get the lessons that are available to be learned – which is always important.


And a much better way to get to the lesson is to ask:


What am I to learn from this situation? What is the lesson available to me here?

Sit quietly and listen/feel for the answer. Your heart knows. Trust your heart.

So in the realm of which to ask: HOW vs WHY. How is definatively more powerlful and relvant. 

Hope this helps!!

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