Your Own Personal Trance

Personal trance

We are all walking around in our own personal trance all the time.


This thought is from Milton Erickson, arguably the greatest hypnotist who ever lived.


All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. All your internal decisions are self-hypnosis.
All of life is self-hypnosis.  You have convinced yourself that things in life are a certain way. You have a story of how the world works. It is your own personal story, and it is absolutely unique.


It is your own personal trance, your personal story.


Is  your personal trance empowering, or disempowering?

Really, the only question that really matters is how soon it will be time to choose to hypnotize yourself into a more empowering story. How soon will you choose to hypnotize yourself to be who you really are and want to be, to do the things you long to do, to have the things you really want. Most of all, to feel the way you really want to feel.


I could hypnotize you in about three minutes into feeling the way you want to feel, so deeply, that it would seem absolutely real.


To your inner mind, in fact, it WOULD BE absolutely real.


And you know what? You can do this for yourself as well. Right now. All it really takes is changing the story.


Let's explore: Loving Yourself


What if you could go through your day, hypnotized into loving yourself so deeply that you can then love everyone around you just as deeply?


Loving those other people is the natural outgrowth of loving yourself, and until you love yourself, your love for them will always be conditional.

Your love for them will be based on what they might give you, which you hope might fill in the holes where you do not yet feel whole.


Based on your hope that they might somehow heal the places where you do not yet love yourself.

As long as you don’t love yourself, you will find it impossible to love them unconditionally.


So you can see now that loving yourself is the greatest single most generous, loving act you can perform.

Loving yourself is the most selfless act, the greatest gift, you can give the world.


Refusing to love yourself is to set yourself at war with everything.

I invite you to consider how deeply it would serve you to make a different decision.


What if you decide to use this new thought to hypnotize yourself into loving yourself?


What if, as you read this, you decide to experiment with how very, very easy you can let it be to go into a different trance than your own personal Trance, the Trance you you operrate, in your day to day life.

Decide to let go, and dive deeply into this imaginary adventure. One in which you love yourself unconditionally. All the good stuff, all the hard stuff, all the strong stuff, all the weak stuff – ALL OF YOU. No exceptions.


Let it be real.

Set this one clear intention:


Let Go.


Let go of any judgments about yourself.

Let go of any need to direct your thoughts.


Lovingly let go of the need to control this.


Set the intention and let the movie begin to play.

You will be well, well served by letting go of the illusion of control.


Because there is a part of you that knows exactly how beautiful you are. It may be waiting for other people to discover it. For sure, it is hidden under the blanket of your fear and doubts. And it is strong. All you have to do it let go of holding it down.


It will stand up.


Love it yourself. Love yourself.


Soon you will be deep into a very empowering Personal trance indeed.


You can choose to live in a disempowering trance,
or you can choose to live in an empowering trance.


This is your choice.


We are all ina personal trance, all the time.

You are in trance all the time.


Which will you choose?


I love you. You are a beautiful soul.


Do not take my word for this fact – that only makes you more dependent on my words, which does not serve you.

Let my words do nothing more than provide a safe place where you can stand and look around.

As you look, you will see all kinds of evidence of how beautiful and amazing and loving and lovable you are.



Let it in.

Let go.

Let it in.




If this served you, please consider sharing it as far and widely in whatever way you can.

Thank you!

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