The Power of Your Intention

Do you want to magnify your results in any class you take, any project you take on, any conversation you engage in?

Get crystal clear about your intention for doing whatever it is you do.

Setting an intention is the most powerful way to laser-focus your attention, both consciously and unconsciously, so you achieve precisely what you most intend to achieve.

A clear intention helps you set priorities, and make choices that serve you. If you are clear on your intention, you are going to take on the projects that move you toward that intention, and release the rest. (If not, perhaps your intention needs to be focus).

Setting an intention for a day is a sure way to improve your attitude and results.

After all, as they say – if you don’t know where you are going, you’ll get there.

It's like coloring in a tiny circle right in the center of the target. It's been proven
 that the smaller you make the bulls-eye which you are aiming at, the closer you will come to hitting it.

Sit quietly with this question: What is my intention, for who I want to be, or how I want to be different – coming out of this situation. As a result of taking this course, reading this article, connecting with this person?

I recommend that you come up with a single word that captures the essence of your intention.

Is it your intention to increase your level of confidence? Clarity? Peace? Congruence? Courage? Compassion?

Whatever it is that you most intend to step into being more of, state it clearly, and with conviction.

People often ask me, how do I choose one intention? I have several, and they are all important.

I really get that. How does one choose? And yet it is important to choose a single focus, and it’s actually easier than you may think.

Start by "chunking up" as high as you can…what I mean by that, is on the list of everything that you want to feel, which of those essences are actually encapsulated within another even higher thought? And when you get to the pinnacle, what is the highest thought of all?

For me, I kind of always come back to love as the highest intention…it holds everything. And then, I ask myself –  to get closer to love, what do I most need right now, in this moment?

Well, when I am in any kind of anxiety, I need peace. When I am struggling to get something done and holding myself back, often I need clarity – I'm just not clear on the next step, and when I have it I move forward. Or perhaps I need determination. Or compassion for myself.  Or courage.

In any given moment, there really is one piece of the picture that's wobbly, that needs a bit of shoring up. The lynch pin. 

In this moment, what is the core challenge or block to you taking your very next step towards love – or whatever you state you highest intention?

What attribute would most serve you, to take that step?

What do you most need at this time, which will move you in the direction you want to be moving?

Don't make this too big a deal – just ask yourself, what would most help me, right now, today? Where am I struggling and what do I need right now that will help me release that struggle and move forward?

Know that when you get there, of course, you'll have a new challenge, a new need, and you will be able to set a new intention in THAT moment. This one is only for right here, right now.

Your clear intention is one of the most powerful tools you can use to keep centered so you can move forward powerfully, in peace.


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