The Gift of Menopause

In our culture we've demonized the gift of menopause because of its connection to getting old.

The gift of menopause


I'd like to offer a different thought.


In the natural energetic rhythms of a woman's life, as mothers and partners, we give give give of ourselves all our lives, literally being prepared to give our body away each month.


When the gift of menopause comes, we stop giving it away in the same way. We step back into holding our own power. All that creative energy becomes ours to hold, and to use for ourselves, to build our inner wisdom for sharing as the wise women we have become.


If you are going through the beautiful gift of menopause, what if you let it be an incredible time of deepening into knowing and loving who you are, and connecting with what you have to give to yourself? Only in this way can you distill what you have learned in your life, so you can offer it to the world in a new way. With a full loving heart that loves and honors YOU, first.


It is now time for your voice to be heard in a new way.





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