Rethinking Creativity

Creativity is not just for artists!

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Rethinking Creativity

Encore Call:

Saturday, January 12, 2013

10 AM Pacific, 11 AM Mountain, 1 PM Eastern
6 PM UK, 8 PM Israel, 5 AM Sydney

The original call was Wednesday, January 9th, 2013


I had a huge response to this call, and there were some audio issues, so to get a better recording I am offering a new call on Saturday. It'll be a new call; since I work off a rough outline rather than a script, and allow room for new ideas to flow through in the moment, even if you came to the first call, consider listening to the second.


Here's a comment I got this morning, from one of yesterday's particiapants:

Hi Scout.  I'm glad to read that you're repeating, and then some, yesterday's call.  The quality was not optimum and there were sentences, thoughts, important ones!, that we couldn't get so sharing it again will be great, thank you.
I've been thinking about yesterday's call, specifically the part where we looked for our spark, our flame.  I did find mine, dim and lonely, but I've managed to rekindle it and my mental picture of it is a roaring bonfire with tentacles snapping off my body and limbs.  Ha!  I'd say you did a fine job.
 I'm planning on listening in on Saturday, thanks again for the invitation.
-MG, San Diego, CA


Creativity is not about whether or not you are a great artist.


It is not about whether or not you can paint or draw or sing or write.


Creativity is about whether you will live in service of what most matters to you.


Whether or not you will own and speak your message clearly enough that people will be magnetized to follow you, so you can you will influence others and make a difference.

Whether or not you do what brings you joy, and live with passion,

Living the life that fires you up, and makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.


Rethinking Creativity for your self does not depend on whether or not you do those things. It depends on whether or not you are willing to rethink creativity for your own and do these two things:


1. Own your creativity.

Surrender to your brilliance.

Rethinking Creativity on your own terms and by your own definition.
Admit that you are a deeply creative spirit.
That there is actually a lot more going on inside of you than you have been willing to admit, even (especially) to yourself.


2. Express your creativity.
Let yourself be vulnerable enough to expose your creative ideas to the world.


You are a deeply creative being. I promise you this. You are swimming in a sea of inspiration that is unique to you, eagerly waiting to get expressed.

For one minute, quiet the voice inside that is telling you who you're not and what you can't do.


Just for one minute, surrender to your brilliance, even hypothetically, and say,

"What if she's right? How does that feel? Is this true?"

And allow your bigger self to answer.


You know. You know who you really are.

Life is short. Bring it on.


Come on this call to:

  • Learn specific methods how to connect with your creative self,
  • Deepen your willingness to claim your creative fire and speak your truth
  • Get bolder with your creative spirit.


Connecting with your creativity is connecting with your purpose.


My heart-felt intention with this call is to help you re-imagine your relationship with your own creativity, so  you tap into it in an even bigger way.


Register here: 

(If you registered for call one, you do not need to register again. I'll send you the new details.)




Do you have a question?
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What most resonates for you in Scout's message?

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