Proactive Letting Go

Proactive Letting Go


Letting GoThe past couple of months have been thrilling for me. There has been so much growth, expansion and new opportunity. Taken altogether, the only word for it all is MAGIC.



And the key to it all?

Letting go.



After years spent “on the fence” about where I live, (resisting truly letting go of where I was, for perfectly good and practical reasons) I have now moved to where I have wanted to live for years. The energy, freedom and flow this decision has opened up in my life has given me tremendous new insight into the power of letting go.

And after letting go, amazing things happened! Within four days, three amazing things happened. It's too big to elaborate here; if you're interested, I'll be talking about it more later – suffice it to say this:

I did not request or do anything overt to create any of those opportunities, other than set the intention, continue to move in its direction, and make space.



Over the last several years I have had multiple opportunities to hone this new skill;

I'm polishing up a different approach to letting go.

You know that in order to step into a new place, you have to let go of the old. That is not news.

What I have learned to change is the order in which I do that.

We all have the tendency – because it feels safer – is to wait to let go until we are firmly ensconced in the new. This is much more comfortable.

And it also leaves far less room for the great new stuff that is ready to come in. You can't, as they say, fill a cup that is already full.


What do you do about that?


Turn it around.


What if, without waiting until you “get there”, you make some space right now for that newness to come in? What if you set your intention for what you want to be different, how it is that you want to be feeling, who you want to show up as, and then start letting go of the old?




Specifically and physically get rid of something that’s taking up space and energy in your life.

You don’t actually have to identify it as something that is connected to your intention. Your intention may be to create a new and different relationship…and what you end up getting rid of may be a stack of old magazines. (The funny thing is, you can trust that those actually are connected.)


We’re right in the middle of a huge paradigm shift, and the very best thing any one of us can do to be ready for it and make this shift absolutely beautiful for ourselves, is to do some meaningful letting go.


It really works.


If this resonates with you, join me on my free, two-part call series, called

How to use Letting Go as a tool for massive change


I’ll be offering specific insights to help you, and tips to make this easier and more fun. For example, I am going to discuss how what might appear to be a problem with commitment may not be that at all – it may in fact be a resistance to letting go, which is a different animal and requires an entirely different solution. I’m also going to teach you how to hold a Toleration Blitz for you and your friends.


You can access the call here:


I am totally committed to offering this right now, because we are at a time of momentous shift and growth and opening, and I believe the best thing we can do to ride the wave is to get better and better at letting go of what does not serve us.


I heartily encourage you to examine where in your life you can let go of something that has your life force energy stuck. You'll be so glad you did.

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