Good enough? For Whom?

Every result you create in your life flows from the answer to this question.

It’s a question that you probably don’t know you are asking, and which you are answering unconsciously all the time:

Is it good enough?

Is it good enough for ME?

Do I trust my own ability to know what is good enough?

Do I care more about  what other people think, or about what I think?

Do I care more about how I look to others, or how I feel?


Am I good enough? For me?


When you decide to accept yourself right now, just as you are, your choices will be different, you will act in a very different way, and you will being to create the results, and the life, you really want.

The problem is, so much in our culture is geared to emphasize that you are NOT enough as you are. And we get into this weird thought pattern of thinking,
“I’ll be good enough once I _________.”

The problem with that is that you can’t actually start from “over there,” wherever “there” is.

You can only start from right here where you are right now. Which means accepting yourself as you are so you can quit resisting, and just get on with it.


“Well,” you might be saying, “If I was totally happy with myself and how I am, what would be my motivation to change or get better? If everyone thought they were just fine, the whole word would go to hell in a handbaasket because clearly we are NOT all right as we are. We ALL have a lot of work to do here, and who is going to save the earth and stop global warming if we think we’re just fine?”


Change is never made by people who are waiting to get themselves perfect before they do something.


Change is created through meaningful action taken by people who care more solving a problem than about what anyone might think about whether they are good enough to be the one to address it.

Whether you may be struggling with, the key is to let go of the struggle and just let yourself be OK eough to begin. Decide that you are good enough to begin, and that you are good enough to finish. Accept that you probably won’t be as good as you will be after you’ve done it. Accept that you are human.

If this resonates and you want help moving into peaceful, effective action through beautiful self acceptance, check out my 21 Day Program: Risk, Leap, Dream, Dare

I’ve designed it in every way to help you answer life’s most important question in a beautiful way.





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