Imagine what you WANT

Imagine what you WANT

What you want: Mario Andretti said the single most important thing in racecar driving is to look where you want the car to go. Period.

Focus on what you want.
Look in the direction you want to go.

what you wantTake a moment right now to notice how you are envisioning your day.

Do you have an internal list of things you expect that are less than what you want? Are you thinking: “Oh, the traffic is going to be horrible and then I’m going to have to wait in line at the post office and, oh darn, that grumpy person at work is coming back from her trip today so I’ve got to deal with her…”

Yes, traffic and lines and grumpy people may be givens.

Are there also givens that you love?

Find THOSE and give them at least equal time in your thoughts – and as you do that,

it will feel so good those thoughts will begin to take over.

Truly, the best thing you can do for yourself is to think of the good things you want to be true. Assume THEY are the givens.

Continue to shift your internal list to the things you love.
Expect those to be the givens.

Appreciate the things you want and take your focus off the ones you don't.

That which you appreciate, APPRECIATES, just like interest.

The more life force energy you put into this, the quicker it will happen.

Invest some of your precious time and energy in this way:

Sit still and visualize a wonderful moment so deeply that you get EXCITED about it and feel it in your body.

Aim to feel as if your very cells are doing cartwheels and handsprings and dancing around in circles, laughing with their hands in the air.

The more enthusiasm you have right now, and the more real you make it right now, the more it will be here RIGHT NOW. No waiting.

To your inner mind it will be now. You want instant gratification?
It’s yours. Right here, right now. Just imagine it vividly enough to feel it.

Featured Tip
Focus VIVIDLY on what you want

Turn your focus to what you want, even a small thing, and imagine it so vividly that it is here right now. Feel yourself being very excited about it.

Now, envision an event that clearly shows you that you have what you want right now.

Sit with intention and make that vision vivid in your mind.
Feel the quality of the air on your skin.
Imagine the sounds you are hearing.

Make sure the image is in color.
If it is a still image, turn it into a movie.
Let it take on a life of its own and watch it get even better as the movie reel turns.

Hear what people are saying.
Hear what you are saying to yourself.

Make it real, and let yourself feel the excitement build inside.

Do this for five minutes each morning. Then let it go.
Just let it drop into your inner mind and change the landscape unconsciously.

Here’s the deal: to your inner mind this will be as real as the chair you are sitting on. It becomes part of your reality, and you set your mind to expect THAT.

Let me know how this goes for you, will you? I imagine you will enjoy this so much that it will become easy to make it a regular habit. Find little times to use it. Stuck at a red light, or in line at the bank? Give yourself a thirty-second tune up by imagining how great it’s going to be wh ere you are going.

This is your life. You can change it right here, right now, to be even more of what you truly want.

Have fun!

One comment on “Imagine what you WANT”

  • This is very inspiring and simply put.   I know this as "believing images of Victory"   I will definately try your method over the next few days.  It's great stuff to be reminded of. 


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