On Being Human: How you connect with peopple

On Being Human: How you connect with peopple


I work with people who have a big dream they want to let out into the world, who are deeply frustrated at the fact that they're holding back.

Once we get them past the gremlins that have them locked up, it becomes a game of how easy we can make it to get that message out, and build a fun business around it.

I was just e-mailing with Beth in the Midwest, and thought I'd share this morning's thougths here, in hopes they can be useful for you as well.


So – you need to find some clients. I wonder (without leaning toward either self flagellation or panic) if you can ask this question with curiosity and wonder:

Where can you connect with people you would love to work with?

Are you crystal clear about who that is? Where do those people hang out, and how can you get into conversations with them?

Connect with a person who could use your help. It can actually be far easier than you think, once you let go of all the thoughts of marketing and websites and cards and niches, and get back into being a person with people.

It kind of reminds me of when I was pregnant with my first child. A good friend was exactly as pregnant as I was – she had her baby the day before I had mine… this was her second, and my first. I had been reading everything about pregnancy and birth, the way one does, and was totally into that: the pregnancy and birth.

We were sitting together about a week before our respective big days, when she looked at her belly and said – "I can't wait to see what person comes out of here!"

I looked at my belly in shock and said, "Person!?!"

OMG – it was too funny. I had gotten so immersed in all the prep, I forgot the real show. I was bringing a person into the world.

And you: Can you connect as a wi person. A person who is just like you, same doubts, fears, hopes, struggles – who can use your help.

Who are they, where are they, and how do you connect ? You just have conversations. You get curious, ask questions, be caring. Don't try to solve their problem right there – be a very, very good listener. Ask a question or two that shows your depth of insight in this area. Give a bit of your story as it's appropriate, in a way that might serve them. Let it flow.

Be open to letting whatever happens happen.

Do that, and they will lean toward you and ask what you do, that you ask such good questions and have such a useful perspective.

And you can say something like: "I help people who have a big goal, and are confused and overwhelmed get crystal clear about where they're going, and chart the easiest, most direct path to get there."

"Wow. Can you do that with ME?"

Voila, done, finis.


Well 🙂 – almost.

Say yes, and schedule a time to have a deeper conversation about what they really want…ask about what is keeping them from getting there, about how much that is really costing them, and how much longer they're willing to live with this issue. Ask if they're ready to change that now.

When they say – YES! Right NOW! Make your offer (if it's a fit) close the deal ("Would you rather pay with a credit card or check") and tie it up with a bow.

Keep it human. Be yourself – that's the BEST you can do. Always.



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