Will your Emergency to lead to Emergence?


I love it when I see a deeper meaning in words, and this morning’s addition to the elegance and truth in words was priceless.


I finally heard the word EMERGENCY in its true light. An emergency is when things get so bad that they just cannot continue as they are. A state of emergency exists and the only true solution is for something new to emerge.


I have long known that my work is most effective with people who have had a big wake-up call, and they are immediately and deeply in touch with their need to change, and the cost of not doing so. So they understand, to the core of their being, that this is an emergency.


I have long known that the purpose of my discovery session is to help a person connect to FEELING the emergency. I help people push themselves to get out of the numbness of day-to-day making things OK, and really feel, for the moment, how much it is actually costing not to live their life as fully as they really want to.


Not until this morning, though, did I connect these two particular words.


The emergence of your even bigger beautiful self is what can happen when you let an emergency split your life wide open, and you surrender to the change that needs to happen.


So here's the next question: Do you really need to wait until it's an emergency, or can you look at your current situation, feel the desire to change it, and allow yourself to emerge more easily? Do you really need the emergency?

Or can you just go ahead and emerge as an even more beautiful, authentic, real version of yourself, without any emergency at all?


It's like the story of the frog in the hot water. Toss a frog in very hot water, and it will jump right out. Put a frog in cold water and slowly bring the temperature up, and the frog will likely stay there until it boils – there's no moment of emergency to make it jump.

I had my own version of emergency that got me on my own path of growth and awareness, so I understand that story. I understand how, at the beginning, it takes an emergency. It takes things getting bad enough that you do, finally, surrender to the emergence of what is next. You do finally jump. It trully takes a wake up call to go from emergency to emergence. 


And I can also report that life gets especially delicious when you no longer require the emerency. When you just keep saying yes, and showing up more and more, because it feels so good.

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