Finding and Speaking Your Authentic Voice

Finding and Speaking Your Authentic Voice

Are you a woman who would like to help to profoundly change the world?

Then the Key is Finding and Speaking Your Authentic Voice: your own voice. Consider:

Right now today:

  • Of 190 heads of state, 9 are women.
  • In the Corporate sector, 15 to 16% of the top positions are held by women.
  • 20% of non-profits are led by women.

These numbers have not changed since 2002 and are going in the wrong direction.


Why does this matter so much? It matters because women natively have a very different, heart-centered approach to how to operate in the world, and it is a loving, nurturing approach which is the only way we are going to adjust our relationship to the earth.


It matters because we need the balance between masculine and feminine, we need an integrated approach between yin and yang, left and right brain, head and heart.


And it is our responsibliity as women to step up, get past the cultural conditioning that holds us back, and take our seat at the table.


The cultural conditioning, for example, that for men, success and likeability are positively linked, and for women they are negatively linked. In other words – we like men who are successful, but we are not so sure about the gals. And we are not so sure about ourselves –  feel around inside yourself for any little voice that says – "Am I going to like MYSELF if I'm truly successful? Won't that make me a bitch, or pushy? I don't want to be pushy…"




This is such an important conversation. We have so many amazing women and heart-centered men in the world whose voices need to be heard…and it is up to us individually to step up and clear out that conditioning. Come from the heart, be who we are, and move the conversation and the numbers in a much more balanced direction.


This conversation is central to my vision, which is to live in a world filled with self-actualized people who love themselves, each other and the earth, and ACT ACCORDINGLY.


The ability to do these things authentically and powerfully comes from changing your INNER conversation about how much you and your voice matters. That's where my work is. Helping you change your inner conversation, your inner vision of who you are. Whether you're a woman or a heart-centered man who wants the picture to be different.


If this resonates and you want to take charge of your conditioning, let's talk. Go to:


You will find that my Discovery Session costs $197. However, if you go there from this blog post, today, and if you're a woman who's determined to bring more balance, through understanding and releasing your own conditioning, you can use this coupon code to get $150 discount on the session, bringing it to $47.00. I am offering 15 of these discounts as part of a call I am doing today, and about half of them got taken up immediately, so get in while they last!

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Just hit the buy now button, type "karen" in the coupon code box, hit "apply" and you will see the charge as $47. Answer the questions on the form you are taken to, and I will get in touch with you.


I hope I get to talk with you. Let's get our voices out in the world where they make a difference!



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