Some thoughts on “coming out”

These days, “coming out” is mostly taken to mean coming out of the closet and saying you are gay or Lesbian.

There are so many more very scary ways to come out.

Whatever your own personal “coming out” entails, it is always about one thing:

Coming out as who you really are, claiming your powerful, authentic self.


find the valorComing Out is recognizing, accepting, loving and claiming who you really are and what you really do, and acting accordingly.

The whole idea of “coming out” being so much more than coming out as gay or Lesbian.


Where in your life do you need to find the clarity and  find the valor to “come out?”

Are you a coach or healer, and afraid to speak up and claim your own power?

In your heart of hearts do you secretly know you’re here to be a leader in the new earth or spirituality movements, but at the moment you’re being run by a voice inside that says:  “Who would listen to you, anyway?”

Or are you in that special purgatory of knowing there’s something really great inside you, and you have no idea what it is?
Here’s a really good question to ask yourself:

“What will it mean when I “come out?”

While you’re asking, ask this:

“What is it costing the world, and the people I am here to help, that I have not yet done it?”


Make no mistake. It is time.

It has never been “time” the way it is now.

Right now the universe is totally supporting people who are stepping into their individual, beautiful unique authentic personal power – and it is definitely peeling your fingers away from the edge of the pool, if you are holding on in any attempt to hang back, play small, or hide the light that wants to shine out of your eyes.

Does this inspire you to perhaps begin to consider maybe getting more ready to think about possibly coming out?  🙂

I hope so.

I am pretty familiar with the coming-out process.

I did come out as a Lesbian, about twelve years ago, after a long trip through deep unconsciousness on the subject. In spite of how long it took me to recognize what was true for me, once I figured myself out, the actual coming out was easy.

It was simply a beautiful “aha” moment that changed my life.


My next “coming out” was a very different story. It was scary, it was huge, it took me a LOOOOOONG time and a lot of help.

That “coming out” was when I claimed myself as a woman with something valuable to share, from my personal experience. And let me tell you – that was a far, far harder experience.

The difference was that I was questioning myself on all fronts. I was full of self-doubt and recrimination.

All kinds of gremlin voices were asking things like:

“Who in the heck do you think you are, anyway!?”

You know the voices:

“Who would want to listen to you?”
“Don’t get above yourself young lady…”
“You are such a fraud.”
“It’s all been said before. You don’t have anything new to offer. ”
“Besides, you don’t ever finish things. What makes you think this will be different?”


Well – little by little, I have figured out what I needed to do, to get past those voices, and to start doing my real work in the world.

It’s been amazing. I am SO GLAD I did.

And that’s exactly how amazing it will be FOR YOU, when you come out as who you really are, doing what you are here to do.

There is no difference between you and me.

We both have gremlin voices.

We both have fears and doubts.

Are you ready to move past yours and get on with the next amazing part of your life?

If you are having trouble claiming your own power – please stop beating yourself up about it…or at least stop beating yourself up for beating yourself up.

It IS hard.
It IS scary.

Just don’t make the mistake of thinking you are less than me or anyone else, or that you “don’t have it.”

If you are here reading this, you have it.

You want it.

And you would not have been given that desire if you could not fulfill it.

You can do this. You can find the heart to come out.

Come connect with the biggest possible version of yourself.

Let’s talk.

Simply reply to this email, with answers to the following questions:

1. What would you really love to be doing, when you let your biggest self come out to play?

(If you don’t really know, that’s OK, it’s fairly normal to have that hidden. Tell me anything you can imagine about hoe you’d like to feel when that’s true.)

2. Beyond all the usual reasons, you know, time, money, energy – what do you think is really holding you back?

3. How determined are you to come out in this way?

And then give me this info so I can contact you for our call:

Phone (in US)
Skype (outside of US)
Time Zone and best time to call:

I hope I get to talk with you!



Want to listen in to more on this subject? Here’s a link to an interview I am doing with Karen Rauch Carter on this subject, Wednesday March 13, 2013. If you miss the interview, you will get the details to hear the replay when you register. It’s all totally free.


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