Feel Unstoppable?

Feel Unstoppable?

Have you ever wanted to feel unstoppable?

I have.

And I noticed just now that I have all sorts of Superwoman capes draped over my image of being unstoppable. I noticed that in my imagining, being truly unstoppable has been an inaccessible reality because it is just too big, too daunting.

Superwoman is nice idea, but really? Me, in a cape, with a big ol’ S on my chest? Always in the right place, always in motion, always in action?Feel Unstoppable?

Whew! I think I’ll go take a nap now!

Thinking about this, I had a minor epiphany. Unstoppable Superwoman doesn’t need all that exhausting baggage I was imagining for her. She doesn’t have to be epic or grandiose. She doesn’t need to work long hours, staying busy taking care of everyone and everything. Those qualities actually keep her from being truly unstoppable.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. My new friend, Unstoppable, knows how important it is to take care of herself. Unstoppable is quite likable and very down-to-earth. I now realize how tuned in to balance she is. She sees the big picture and knows the importance of regular time with friends and family.

What sets Unstoppable apart is not heroics or big, bold moves. What sets her apart is consistency. I almost wrote clarity and consistency, and then I realized she’s not always what I would call crystal clear.

Even when things are a bit confusing, she always seems to have a sense of the direction in which she wants to move. Using this sense, she keeps taking the next step, which is generally pretty clear. Scary perhaps, but usually clear.

Yes, the thing about my new friend Unstoppable is that she is consistent.

She asks herself, “What’s the next thing I need to do here?” and then she does it. She’s far more peaceful than I had realized. There’s no push – there’s just that beautiful consistency.

In addition to being consistent, she has set aside the question “Who am I?” She knows who she is. Instead, her question is this: “Is this action I am considering in alignment with who I know myself to be?” When Unstoppable sees an aligned action, she tends to take it.

As I write this, I can almost feel Unstoppable gently tapping me on the shoulder to remind me,  “Quit putting me on that damn pedestal. Sometimes I am not clear, and sometimes I choose to pass on an action that is too big for me in the moment. I wait for another choice, a smaller step. And by the way, when I do that, you might also notice that I don’t waste my time beating myself up.”

Yes, she’s quite a gal, my new friend Unstoppable. I can feel her settling into my bones and becoming a part of me, and it feels great. I understand that I can put down the exhausting baggage and unrealistic expectations and let myself dance. 

How about you? Do you have your own version of Unstoppable inside you? Where is she or he? What is she like? Is she having a bit of trouble with her cousin Perfectionism, who keeps throwing obstacles in the path? Has Resignation gotten her so heavily weighted down that she can hardly breathe? Or is Practicality back to her old tricks, questioning the reality of magic?

There’s a lot happening in the world these days, and this is a really great time to get to know your version of Unstoppable a little better. If you want to pay her (or him) a visit, email me; I’ll be happy to connect the two of you.

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