Connect with Money: Free Meditation

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Who is Money?



We all grew up with stories about money.

Stories like:


  • Money is hard to get. If you get it too easily you’re cheating somehow or taking advantage or just plain lazy.
  • You shouldn’t want money. If you were a good person, you’d be fine with what you have.
  • Money is bad and evil and you are bad if you want it.
  • You can’t be spiritual and have money.
  • People who focus on money are rigid, they’re making money more important than love.
  • You can’t trust money. You can’t trust yourself with money.
  • People who have money can’t be trusted.
  • People who don’t have money can’t be trusted.
  • People who want money are greedy, self-serving, callow, insensitive, uncaring.


Yes, there are endless stories about money.

And I carried my share. I used to have a very convoluted relationship with money,

I used to push money away, keep it at a distance.  I had my own unconscious story about who I would be, what it would mean, if I had money – and since I rejected that person, I rejected money. Somehow I always made sure, without even realizing how I was doing it – that I had just barely enough.  I doubted myself mercilessly and often stopped myself in my tracks because of all the tangled up mess that was my story about money.


Now, things have changed.

Now I view money very differently. 

And I am acting very differently, doing more of the things that really matter to me, speaking my truth more clearly and loving my life far more –


Because I have learned something.

I know something new.

I now know who money is.


I used to have money locked away in a cage, as something dangerous and bad. Something I never went near, that I could never connec with.


That changed.


I got frustrated with how money was in my life, and I got curious.

I went over to the cage, which was a bit scary in itself. 

I went over to that cage and I sat there to connect with money.

I sat with it and I felt its sadness. I felt how very bad it felt, being locked in the cage.  How very much it wanted to be out and a part of things, helping out. Helping me.


I felt how very much love was there, that I had never realized.


I saw that all the old stories about money were somebody else’s stories, and I was here with it now and it is a living, loving, breathing being that loves me and wants to help.


When I felt ready, I let it out of the cage to connect.


It came into the room. It came up to me and stood in front of me, looking me deeply in the eye.

We connected.


Money has so much energy.


I photo(20)could feel the energy. I could feel the power.

It turns out that it is life force energy, embodied. Powerful, beautiful life force energy. That is all and everything that it is.

I am so happy to have finally made peace with money, and to have let it out of its cage so that we can actually become friends and partners. I have released and connected money into my life, to join me on my journey.


It is standing here with me now, powerfully and lovingly. It has shifted in shape a bit as we have gone through this; it is now a beautiful big black spirit cat. A pamther. We are here together, standing here together, looking out at everything that is possible, my hand resting on its shoulder.


I love and honor money as the true embodiment of life force that it is.

It has been maligned, used, beaten up, imprisoned, thrown around –


Here and now, I commit to love and honor money as my partner.


I commit to stand with this beautiful being, this embodied energy that has been passed down through the generations.

Some have dissipated it. Some have strengthened it.


I will be one who strengthens.

I will honor money. I will connect with it and use the energy from that connection well, to support the things that matter. Love and beauty and playfulness and joy and connection.

Money is the life force energy behind the vision I hold, of people remembering.


Thank you, money. Thank you. I love you.

As I love myself.

As I love all things.


And as I act accordingly.

Thank you.





I would very much love it if you would leave a comment and let me know what this helped make clear for you.

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