Art Class as Metaphor II: Find the square inch you love

What I wrote a couple of days ago about the power of pure positive feedback made me remember another related story I wanted to share with you, from another art class.

When I was learning watercolors, I was part of a wonderful small group of women who were jumping in eagerly, even though much of the time we managed to create mud.

Our teacher was fabulous. She had a rule – you can't throw a painting away. Instead, find at least one square inch of it that you love. There's a bit of it, somewhere, that really worked – look for that and find it, and feel into how great it is.

Now that I have learned what I have about the power of our focus, and the importance of choosing of what we focus on, I'd take that even farther.

Honor that piece. Cut it out and save it. Keep it in view, appreciate it, accept compliments about it when you hear them, without making any reference to how much paper you had to cover with mud to get that one beautiful square inch.

I believe you'll find the inch will grow and grow, and once in awhile, the whole paper will be beautiful.


I'm all about doing whatever it takes to retrain your unconscious to look for and find those square inches, so they grow. If you want to have a conversation about that, I'd welcome the connection. Just click here to find out more.


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