Your unconscious mind: Make getting rid of bad Habits easy

Your unconscious mind: Make getting rid of bad Habits easy

Your unconscious mind is AMAZING.

Amazingly powerful, and amazingly willing to shift, when you learn how to work with it.


It saves you a lot of time and energy by keeping you doing things in a habitual manner, so you don't have to keep thinking about doing them…

and of course there are a lot of times you'd like to be able to change that old program, aren't there!

When you look past the cultural story that old habits are so deeply embedded as to be almost hard-wired in, and just think of it differently, you'll see that
those old habits are just programs. And how easy is it to update a program – or reinstall a much faster, more efficient new one, into your computer operating system?

You just take the old one out, put in the new one.

It's really just a cultural myth that habits have to take 21 days to break, and that it's hard work.

Consider this: if I showed you a new way to drive to work that took you through beautiful country, had less traffic and shaved fifteen minutes off your commute, how long would it take you to begin to choose that new route?


Try this little trick on your unconscious mind:

  1. When you speak of the habit, put it in the past tense.
  2. Say what it is you are noticing now instead.
  3. FEEL how good it feels to have stepped into this new way of being.

That's all there is to it.

Try This Now for Real Effects on Your Unconscious Mind –

What is an old program that right now is driving you nuts…
Are you always late? Do you procrastinate?

If so chances are, you're claiming it, making it yours, by saying:

"I am ALWAYS late."

"I ALWAYS wait to the last minute to do things."

Perhaps you're even saying it with a little laugh, which is the equivalent of patting that little inner errand runner on the head and giving it some approval for how darn cute it is, that you're always late.

hmmmm….and as Dr. Phil would say – How's THAT working for you?  LOL

Or perhaps you're standing in front of the mirror, affirming:

Do you see that little errand runner looking back at you yawning and laughing, saying – "Yeah, right!! Nice try! You believe THAT?"

Try saying this instead –

"I used to always be late – and now I notice that I'm starting to be on time or even early! It feel so good to arrive centered and grounded and relaxed. I'm making better decisions and the relaxation is spreading through my life."

You will be AMAZED at how fast that little inner errand runner will run in the direction of heart-felt approval.

A very important key is to FEEL the shift.

FEEL the relaxation that comes with being on time or early, FEEL good about yourself for showing up on time.

Notice the relaxation in your body, and smile as you do.

How great does it feel to own THAT now?



You can think of this as an affirmation slipping in the back door.

Plain affirmations may eventually wear that little inner errand runner down with enough battering…but you can let it be a whole lot easier by adding this little piece.

What you're doing here is acknowledging that your inner errand runner is right.

You have a really powerful history of bring late. No argument.

And now, you notice things are different – and that's where your approval is going to go now.

To supporting this new way of being.

Because it feels so good.


Have fun with this! I would LOVE to hear your comments about how this feels, and how it works for you. And please pass this on to anyone else who will enjoy it.

Thanks so much for helping to spread the word!

3 comments on “Your unconscious mind: Make getting rid of bad Habits easy

  • this is so great! i love it:)  it feels so much better because it`s more in alignment with the truth of all aspects and saying so. that`s why definatlely i can see that it will work because you all parts of you ego and other wise a very smart and no fooling them won`t but up with baloney.  so when you say like in your example, used to be that`s true, what`s happening now, because even if you look i am sure that you have been on time and early for many things and you did feel good.  so you just putting your focus on that and not believing the always because even that i am sure felt bad and that would be because even that`s a lie.  and really a lot of why we do anyting is because we think we`ll feel better in the dooing or having of that, cause we are designed to thrive and be and feel expansive.  so that“s a great little system to remember you`ve put her Scout! thanks so much for the reminder and the clarification!  hugs


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