When you’ve got everything BUT clients, what’s REALLY missing?

Is this you?

You offer tremendous value in the world.
You are very good at what you do.

You’ve got solid marketing,
You know how to hold a powerful sales call,
You’re getting out there in the world…

What’s missing?


When you’ve got all the skills, tactics and strategies in place,
and you still don’t have clients, what’s REALLY missing?

I would argue that what’s missing is alignment.

Internal alignment.

It's critical to achieve congruence between your conscious desires, and your unconscious beliefs about what is possible for you.

Your unconscious thoughts about:

What you deserve;
What’s true about money;
Who will listen to you,

All the images, feelings and hidden thoughts about who you see yourself as, at the deepest, unconscious level. You might not even know they are there. You might laugh and say, I know I deserve this!

Well, consciously you know a lot of things that you may not actually believe unconsciously. 

Let me tell you a story.

Everyone knows that we’ve got an unconscious part of ourselves, and most people are aware that it’s pretty powerful – but did you realize that it actually gets between 90% and 95% of the vote, every time, in choosing your course of action?

It’s like the captain and crew on a huge ship…the captain is your conscious mind. She’s got the map and the plan, and most of the time when she passes down an order, the crew (your unconscious) hops to and turns the ship in that direction. That happens so often, most of us totally take it for granted.

“Make a sandwich.” Done. “Walk the dog.” Done.  

Then there are other times that the captain gives the order, and the crew looks over in that direction and says, "Oh, no, not THERE. There’s a reef over there. We are NOT going there.” So they don’t turn the ship. The captain can scream, say affirmations, or berate the crew…and all that’s likely to do is make the crew dig in and strengthen its resistance.

“Make that sales call.” Are you KIDDING me? What if they say no?
“Raise your prices” Are you CRAZY? What if I lose all my clients?
“Launch that product” Oh, but what will I do if no one buys it?

What if that were different? What if you had your crew so on board, so excited about moving in the directions that you consciously want to go, that launching the products, making the calls, and attracting the clients came as naturally as making a sandwich, or even breathing?

Which is another thing your crew is in charge of, by the way. Breathing.

That’s one of the reasons your crew is so powerful – it never sleeps, and it holds every memory of every incident that has ever occurred in your life.
Your conscious mind can hold about seven ideas at a time, so the idea of changing the actions of the crew through conscious determination alone becomes a bit silly, doesn’t it? You can push through, force yourself to make the calls, eventually get that to be OK…but really, who wants it to be that hard?

But what’s the choice? Is it hopeless? Are we the victims of our crew, destined to forever fight ourselves to make those calls?

No. There are proven, excellent, effective ways to change the beliefs of your crew – which is to say, your unconscious programming.

Let me give you an example of what's possible when you do that. Change those unconscious beliefs.

Since I entered this realm of working with my crew, years ago, my entire life has changed. And it continues to change, as I get to deeper and deeper levels, inside. (I told a couple of very personal stories about that on my call yesterday.) As I reported in a post last week, a series of recent insights, flowing out of some deep work I was doing, led me to see that I was carrying an unconscious belief that I lacked self discipline.

The true and empowering insight that came to me (after an offhand comment by my friend Rita)  is that I have actually been engaging in premature celebration. Which has been easy for me to change. Now I go celebrate the small accomplishments – and I return to finish the job. It's simple now…in fact, I barely have to think about it. it's just a new awareness I am living by.

I’ve had an amazing experience because of that.

For two years now, I have had the intention of launching a teleclass. For one reason (and excuse) or another, I have just not made it happen.

Three weeks ago, seemingly out of the blue, I decided it was time to get serious and launch the series. I began taking the actions, step by step that would make it happen.

I held my preview call yesterday, and just before I went live, I thought – this is amazing. In my previous attempts to get this done, I now see that I had actually dabbled at it – allowing excuses, not going full out, and generally letting myself off the hook.

This has been a totally different experience. It has certainly been a lot of work. There have been moments of fear and doubt, times of overwhelm.

And yet, as I stood there yesterday thinking back, I realize I had moved through the entire launch process with an entirely new conviction.  This time, it feels like this has been an inexorable march from making the decision to doing the work to doing the outreach to launching the series.  I don’t even know how to describe it completely.

I am aware that inside, for the first time, my knowing that I would do this was as solid as my knowing that I will continue to breathe.

THAT is what is possible, when you get the crew on board with the captain’s plan.

Know this: If you want more clients, and more of your perfect, fabulous, ideal clients, the path to get them is through polishing your own internal alignment.

A deeply congruent person is a magnetic and powerful force of nature.

As you get more and more successful, the fine distinctions become more and more important. The chinks become more costly. And the rewards become greater and greater.

And NOWHERE is this more true than in your inner game.

If you want to get your crew on board, I can help you with that. Drop me a line.

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