The grand adventure of trusting life

In June I had the incredible honor to stand with my nephew and his bride and be the officiant as they exchanged their vows. This gave me a beautiful chance to go deep and open my heart to ask myself,

What really matters that I want to share in this sacred moment?

This morning I was leafing through my journal from that time, and realized that since this is the absolute core of what I believe, and the difference I want to help make in the world, I wanted to share it here with you as well.

I believe this is the entire reason for our journey together.

Sam and Kyle,

Congratulations for having found the person who will stand with you and hold loving space for your exploration of who you are.

This sharing of life, at its most beautiful, is not so much a trip through a peaceful meadow without obstacles and challenges as it is a grand adventure in which the very best thing you can find is a partner who will share it with an open heart. A person who will hold the courage and trust when yours falters, and who will accept yours when they can’t find their own. Who will share the commitment to open up and go deep together.

You each have so much inside of you that no one knows yet, including you. The way you find the magic in your being is by being open and receptive to life, letting your ideas, your dreams, your desires come out into the world.

It seems to me that this is the beautiful commitment you two represent. The commitment to draw the dreams out of each other. That is the grand adventure. To stand in solid support of one another as you go as deep into yourselves and life as you can.

Please remember that what you have here with you today is one of your great resources. Family and friends who love you and who want the very same thing. To see you flourish and thrive and live your dreams.

So I speak also to us, the family and friends. May we remember that this is truly our charge, and our deepest commitment as people together.

To support, to encourage each other’s dreams, to believe and to trust. To lean into trust, to remind each other who we really are, and that we can trust life. The more we trust, the more open we can keep our hearts, the more we connect and love and help each other through, the grander the adventure will be.


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