What are your day to day dreams?

Sometimes I think that when we talk about dreams, there’s some kind of expectation that they be huge, grandiose, epic. salmon river

Something on the scale of climbing Mount Everest, starting a creative new business from scratch, moving to a foreign country or sailing the seven seas.

So our smaller dreams can get short shrift. We can kind of brush them off as inconsequential and unimportant.

I would argue that the “smaller,” closer to home dreams are the ones that actually count the most – the ones that show up in our day to day life, and make the difference in our world on a regular basis. I’m thinking here of dreams like being able to speak an opinion clearly, instead of shrinking in fear. Of being able to hold your center in a relationship, so both people’s needs are met and the foundation is strong for lasting love and partnership. Of feeling trusting and strong enough to go to a gathering by yourself, instead of sitting at home, wishing you had someone to go with.

Epic dreams can keep us looking over the next horizon, but holding the hope of the smaller, closer to the heart dreams is what keeps our head up in the first place.

The great new is that these bite sized dreams are of  a much more human scale, where they can truly be accomplished with very small steps. What are the seemingly small dreams in your life that you can breathe some life in to today?

Just for today, think of one close to home, inside-your-being dream that, once accomplished, will make everything in your life easier, or more possible.

What is a single step you can take toward that change today?  Sit and imagine your future, having made that change, now. Do you like the way you look?

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