Traveling Light…”What is it you DO exactly?”

People regularly ask me – “What is it you DO exactly?”

Traveling light is the theme of my life…it always has been. Since I was small, I have loved small spaces (when my family traveled, my seat of choice was the tiny compartment behind the back seat in our VW bug…this may date me).

When I became older and personally mobile, my love transferred into small living spaces on wheels. I built a sheepwagon, and a pyramid camper. (Which turned out to not be so light…we had to beef up the suspension on the truck carrying it, but you live and learn.) My husband and I lived in an 11′ X 14′ cabin for our first three years, part of that time with a baby – and I loved it. More recently, when I hit the road to find myself, I was carrying only what would fit in my Subaru outback. (OK, I can hear friends snickering as they hasten to point out the two things I do collect…books and rocks. So no one’s perfect…)

All of this has other implications for my life.

Loving small spaces, I love order and simplicity.

I love organization. I got giddy in a Container Store last year…I had no idea such a cool organizational phantasmagoria existed. I have always resonated with the statement that the inside of my head feels/looks like the top of my desk. If I am in a cluttered space, I am a mess inside.

So when I began this work of Neurological Repatterning, working with people to re-map their brains, I quickly saw that what I am really doing is clearing out the clutter and the back talk of all those little voices. You know, the ones that say “I can’t, I shouldn’t, I must…” Put this way, no wonder this work felt like the totally natural next step for me!

So recently when I was seeking the theme that ties all of me and what I love together, Traveling Light felt just right.

It’s all about carrying what you need – only what you need – and releasing the rest. Putting it down, letting it go.

Clearing the clutter – whether it’s on your desk, in your kitchen, or in your thoughts. I’ll let you take care of the desk and the kitchen…but if you know there’s a lot of clutter and chatter going on inside that’s getting in your way – if you know there’s more possible for you if only you could get out from under that negative self-talk that’s holding you down, I can help you.

And remember that the most insidious self-talk is unconscious. You aren’t even aware of those conversations…but you can see the results of them when you look around your life. If you’re feeling stuck and frustrated, or cycling through the same dysfunctional relationships, or hitting some sort of ceiling in your work that you can’t seem to break through – there’s likely some internal conversation going on inside you that’s keeping you in that pattern.

If this resonates with you, why not apply for a free strategy session and see what’s possible for you when you release that pattern?

I have to tell you – it’s a pretty amazing life once those little voices are retired, and you get to hear the sound of what your heart is telling you!

Now THAT is a voice worth carrying!

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