What’s really happening when you’re STUCK and nothing’s happening?

Do you ever feel like you’ve just hit a wall in your business, and the things that used to work for you all of a sudden just DON’T? Maybe you just don’t feel like yourself: you’re procrastinating or avoiding making calls, stuck in trying to make things perfect or sliding down that slippery slope of comparing yourself to others and coming up short. Maybe you’ve just quit networking and feel like you’re kind of hiding behind your computer. Or maybe you’ve got a product or service to launch and you are just NOT getting it done.

Sometimes it almost feels like aliens have taken over your once-capable self! At those times, it’s hard not to feel like a fraud, when you’re falling short in the areas where you’re supposed to be the expert.

What’s up with all this?

There are actually a couple of possibilities. Maybe you’re just plain tired, overwhelmed, need to figure out how to take a break or get some more help or somehow get a little slack in the system.

OR MAYBE there’s something bigger afoot.

Maybe, just maybe, your heart has hit the point where it is done going along with doing what’s practical, fitting in, playing it safe. Maybe you’ve been following other people’s dreams or suggestions. There’s actually a really good chance that your heart is saying it’s time for you to step up in a whole new way. Dig deeper, go farther, and do the scary stuff that really MATTERS to you.

There’s the question. Are you doing things that take you outside the box and scare you with their audacity? Are you taking the chances that you dream of taking? Trying the big bold ideas that will cause your business to grow, thrive, stretch and blossom?

Your heart knows. You gut knows. Are you just tired, or are you tired of playing small?

The thing is, when your heart decides it’s time for you to show up in a bigger way, you don’t really get a choice.  The bigger part of you is going to pull the plug on things as they have been.

You begin to get nudges – and if you ignore them, you get stronger nudges. I think of it as the feather, the brick and the Mack truck. You can listen when the message is the tickle of a feather, (a simple nudge to try something new) or you can wait to get hit by a brick (a near miss  or small accident that makes you sit up and take notice) – and if you ignore those, look out for the Mack truck! The business failure, the loss of a loved one, the cancer.

The farther you get in life, the more your heart wants you to do what really matters. What you came here to do. And it will set things up (or make things stop) until you get that message.

If this message hits you in the gut, that’s good information. You know that there’s something like this going on inside. At a deep level you know that the problems you are struggling with in your business are the result of this call from your heart, to adjust your path, to go deeper, to find and create more meaning.

If that’s true, there’s a lot you can do to support yourself, to make the exploration and the transition beautiful and joyful, rather than scary and painful. I’d love to invite you into a conversation about what’s happening inside, when it gets harder and harder to make things happen on the outside. And about the powerful things you can do to make the ride amazing.

You can register (at left) to download my free e-book and audio, and if this really resonated, you can apply for a complimentary Discovery Session to find out what is really going on at the unconscious level in your life.


About Scout. Scout Wilkins is a bridge to your unconscious mind. She works with powerful, passionate people who feel like they have hit a wall, and they want to love their life and they want to feel unstoppable.

When your heart speaks up and demands more, Scout will take you deep to connect completely with that deepest part of yourself. So you experience far more engagement and get real results. So you feel more joy, more meaning, and live more LIFE!

4 comments on “What’s really happening when you’re STUCK and nothing’s happening?

  • I understand the point you are making about listening, and listening before issues become bigger.  I do want to make one comment, though, on something that is incorrect, foments fear, continues the being caught in a power-robbing medical paradigm and creates a "blame the victim" mentality.  You mentioned "cancer" as essentially "you've hit the end of the road, buddy."  That is SO not true.  A tumor is the result of this amazing ability of the body to adapt to a shocking, conflictual occurrence, and once the person comes to understand the conflict they went through  and learns how not to re-visit it, the body will naturally resolve the tumor.  In actuality, most of us go through cancer experiences MANY times in our lives, we've just subconsciously dealt with the conflict and went through the healing without realizing it (other than experiencing fatigue, wanting to sleep, gaining weight, heavier period of urinating, etc.).  
    So, there is an aspect within this explanation to the importance of "listening" in that it helps promote the healing process…….however, the appearance of a tumor is from the psyche/brain/body's response to a SHOCK.  Everyone goes through shocks.  Some handle them better than others.  Some handle them very well and yet have large tumors, because they are actually healing an issue that may have been held in the psyche for a long time.  German New Medicine explains all of this, and the beauty of these biological laws is that they empower us to understand where we are in our life with a conflict, based on symptoms we are experiencing.   Odd as it may seem, healing symptoms of tumor, fatigue, pain, inflammation are something to rejoice about, because they indicate the body is doing what it meant to do.  The more we honor the healing process, rest, and don't short circuit it with fear, unnecessary treatment and procedures, the more we empower ourselves.  This is from someone who has been there with a "cancer diagnosis", a number of times, and is living quite well without buying into the misinformation of our current medical paradigm.   http://www.learninggnm.com      Mariah

    • Mariah – Thanks for this clarification. I hear that you felt I was saying that cancer is the end of the road…and I so understand and appreciate your deeply felt response and correction.
      That is not in any way my intended meaning, and I regret that it came off that way for you. I have seen far too much evidence to the contrary, including yours, and I so honor your path and what you have done.
      I certainly do NOT want to add to the Blame the Victim view… I see blame as an utter and absolute waste of life energy. To me, the whole key is to RELEASE any need to blame or justify, or to live up to someone else’s ideal…and instead, stay open, aware, listening to what truly matters to you and your heart. That’s the core message I hope to impart – listen to yourself, honor yourself.

  • thank you, Scout, for your response, that was very gracious of you.  The main point I want to make is this:  life happens…businesses DO fail, lovers DO leave our lives, and health conditions DO come to us…..we cannot control it all, life is living us, and the quality of the experience of "boogie boarding" that life flow comes through knowledge, and trusting in the rightness of the process.  We are given tools….we know through your work and other coaches how to stay in the moment and trust, and we know through German New Medicine that there is a purpose to the functional diseases/cancers, and there is no need to panic, or think "I did something wrong….."  
    Gassho!!   Mariah 

    • Rock on! I could not agree more. Life happens and the best we can do is to do everything we can do to stay open and trust, and to ride the wave with love and grace. For ourselves and for others, and for all of life. Thank you.


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