Throw your heart over the jump – the horse will follow

The biggest part of doing something challenging or scary is setting your mind to the fact that you ARE going to do it. NOW. The time has come. This is it. You know – all those thoughts of determination and conviction. How do you turn them from words in your head into a knowingness in your body? How do you gain the courage to start? To truly and utterly commit.

Throw Your Heart Over, the Horse Will Follow
Throw Your Heart Over, the Horse Will Follow

Horse riders have a way of imagining this moment of total conviction – they say, when you’re coming up on a jump, throw your heart over, and the horse will follow. The corollary is absolutely true, also – if you fail to throw your heart over, the horse will balk.

Does this resonate anywhere in your life? Is there a challenge that’s been staring you down – like: You know you need to make those phone calls to get your business to the next level. Only you notice you’re not doing it, no matter how determined you were to do it this morning. You’ve not yet totally committed that you WILL make it happen.

How can you best gain complete conviction, deep in your body, that you will now get into action around your most stuck place, right now? There are many ways – one is to simply ask your inner wisdom. Sit quietly with the question, and listen to what comes up. You know, at some level, exactly what the answer is.

What’s the one single action you can take right now that will let you know that you have thrown your heart over the jump? What is your first small step? When will NOW be the right time to do that?

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