The music is there. Always.

The Music is there. Always.


I got an e-mail from someone this morning that broke my heart. I had recently replied to a note she sent, and today she said:

Simply reading the words that my present mental place is not permanent and imagining light at the end of this tunnel is more comforting and helpful than I can say. There are moments when despair truly feels deep, and as though it is sucking at my ankles and toes like the drain in a bath tub. Other days I feel like I have the strength to carry on and make real, good, changes in the world. I wish there were more time in a happier, more moderate place.

music is thereThis is the response I sent her, and I decided that it so completely sums up what I believe, that I would share it more widely.

Let me tell you a story –

I've been in this kind of insane place around a piece of music this week. I downloaded this song (I'll share it below) and have listened to it for seven days.

And when I say "listened" – I mean, I have had it on repeat on my iPod and it has just circled around the whole time. It is quite an experience of trusting that I am not actually going crazy here, but that there is some purpose to this…sheesh!

Music has an amazing way of creating deep shifts, and right at the moment, in this incredible time we are in the middle of, this piece of music has become incredibly important to me. Even so – This is nuts. I have listened to this an insane number of times.

When I was talking with a friend about that yesterday, and wondering what it's about, it came to me.

This piece of music sums up the human predicament of being in these bodies with these struggles and all this "3D reality" – while the bigger part of us just KNOWs there's more. We're here for more, we're whole and beautiful and amazing and brilliant.

So we cry:  "WHY?!?"

Why doesn't it FEEL like that?
Why don't things WORK?
Why am I in so much PAIN?
Why is everything so HARD?

Over the last several years I have really gotten, at a deep level, that it seems so hard because I came in to this world attached to the idea of separateness, lack, scarcity…and I have, of course, been part of the human family. We have, for the most part up until now, reinforced that for each other, and we have lived that reality together.

While the whole time, in the background, there is this triumph.

There is this amazing music playing in our souls.

We hear it, at some level, and it keeps us going.

(What else WOULD? We have created a world that can look so grim – how could any of us keep going without this music playing in the background?)

SO – know that in your life, this music is there.

It's playing right now.

It's what made you reach out to me, it's what made me reach out years ago when I did – when I said, I will connect with the music. I didn't know that was what I was saying – but the results in my life prove to me that I was.

So, I reach out to you with this music. And with the assurance that the whole human family is waking up to the fact that we can support one another in a new way. We can support one another to remember who we are. We can support one another to fill our capacity for brilliance.

And we're doing it. It's happening right now.

As you listen to this, feel the triumph.

Let the words be what they are…yes, the words are of struggle – and the point is, no matter WHAT the struggle, the triumph is there. Right now. Reach for it, connect to it, even just the tiniest bit. It will change your life.


P.S. In case you think this is coming from any religious standpoint at all, please let me assure it is not. I am not religious.

I am deeply spiritual, yes – not religious, and not espousing any philosophy other than this:

The music, and the capacity for triumph, is there. Always.


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