Who is supporting your dream?

Be sure to cherish and nurture your dream

Your dreamThe single best way to support your forward movement is to look for the positive evidence of how far you have come. Find the ways that things are getting better, that you are getting closer. The evidence is there. There is also evidence for the opposite. Which will serve you better as a focal point? It’s your choice, every minute.

I have been in contact with two people in the last twelve hours who are reaching out to loved ones for support as they struggle through the harder moments of trying to achieve their dreams. In both cases, the loved ones are bringing their own fears to the table, and questioning, being “practical,” and throwing cold water on the dream. These stories make me want to cry and scream in turn – so instead I am writing this blog post.

Getting to where you want to be, creating your life as you truly want it, will take you through peaks and valleys of experience. It will be a wild and hairy ride. 

You will certainly go through deep chasms where you can hardly see the light of day. Sometimes it will seem like you must have made a mistake, you can’t really do this. When you are in one of those dark canyons, who you reach out to for support can make or break your journey.

Be very careful about where you go for support for your most deeply held dreams

Long before you get into that canyon, it will help you to face this fact – the people who will most support your dream are very often not the people you are closest to on a day-to-day basis.

This does not make them wrong, nor does it mean that they don’t love you. What it may mean is that they are trying to protect you, to keep you from falling over the rocks on the trail. They don’t want to see you try to swim that river, not because they don’t want you to get to the other side, but perhaps because it brings up all their own fears. Perhaps they are just afraid for you; they don’t want to see you fall or see you unhappy.

But this is about YOU and YOUR dream. If you are on your way to the peak, you ARE going to fall. You WILL have dark nights of the soul. You will have to push sometimes when you don’t think you have any push left. There will be times when you are frightened and exhausted.  

What will keep you going is your desire for the peak, and your deep connection to why you want to get there. What will keep you going is noticing every little indicator along the way that lets you know you are closer than you were an hour or a minute ago. Every reminder of how far you have come.

The people you deliberately choose to support you in looking for and finding this evidence are the most important people on your journey.

Understanding this will help you choose the right people.

You adopted your most structural limiting beliefs as a small child. The people who loved you the most trying to keep you safe, just as their own parents did. So they passed down fears and doubts and limitations.

As a child, you made no choice about this; you took on those limitations unconsciously.

You are now an adult, and you can exercise conscious choice instead

Rather than assume that your loved ones are the influence you really need, look that question square in the face. They may fill that role – and they may not.

CHOOSE to be influenced by a person who has gotten to where you want to be, who will cheer you on to get there, will teach you what you need to know, and will keep you focused on the positive evidence that you are getting closer when you can’t see it for yourself.

GO FIND IT. Find the support and use it well. Find the positive evidence showing today you are closer to where you want to be than you were yesterday. And keep living in that momentum.


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