Are You Stuck in the Pit or Dancing in the Meadow?

Are You Stuck in the Pit or Dancing in the Meadow?

"It's the pits" is more than a slang term from the '70s

The pit is that place of drama where people end up sometimes when things are not going well: a lost job; a kid calling from the police station; a disappointment by a friend; maybe just a burnt dinner.

Sometimes we go there. Sometimes we see our friends go there. There’s no question that the pit sucks. So what can you do when you or someone you love is in the pit?

If a friend is in the pit, a common response is to jump in with them. You may think you are being supportive, but in reality that is completely unhelpful. Misery may love company, but now there are two of you down there.

Alternatively, you could offer a metaphorical rope or ladder to help them out. Sometimes this works, but sometimes, for any number of reasons, the person in the pit may not be ready to come out. In that case – what are you going to do?Stuck in the Pit

Are you really helping them, or just holding yourself back?

If you find yourself standing on the edge of the pit your loved one is not ready to leave, consider what your actions could mean mean to YOUR life, and your ability to bring your special gifts  to the world. If you're merely camping out at the edge, you are not really helping the person in the pit, and you're also not doing what you came here to do.

Are you serving them? Maybe you're actually making it easier for them to stay in the pit. What if, instead of standing there, you go ahead and dance in the meadow of life? This does not mean you don’t love them. In fact, I would argue that it is MORE loving to live your life fully in their presence. By dancing in the meadow, you are showing them what is possible.

You can check on them now and then. See how they're doing, if they are ready to do something different, and if you can now offer loving, effective help that they are ready to receive.

When you dance your joyful dance, it encourages people to come out and join you. So be sure to keep dancing!

Will you stay, or will you dance? Will you get stuck in the pit or dance in the meadow?

If it's you in the pit, keep this dancing image in mind. How long will you choose to stay in the pit and miss all that fun in the meadow?

No matter what happens in our lives, it's our response to what happens that dictates whether or not we drop into the pit – and if we do, how long we stay there once we land.

If you're in the pit and ready for a ladder, or if you're tired of feeling like you can't just dance in the meadow, click here to apply for a complimentary discovery session:

If you qualify, we'll spend an hour on the phone, no charge. We'll go to work to get you into action – out of the pit and into the meadow, dancing.
Life is short. Now is the only moment you have.

Dont get stuck in the pit..


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