Saying YES to life

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My friend Joan said a wonderful thing to me yesterday – we were on an amazing bike ride, in beautiful early-fall Montana, talking about what is new in our lives. I was sharing my current excitement about what I’m up to, when she exclaimed – “You know, Scout, the way you say YES to life is absolutely contagious!”

Sometimes I think that from the outside, living deeply in enthusiasm looks like a lot of work, and a pretty intense way of being – even, perhaps, a stressful state.

I know that my friends see me waking up in the night grabbing my notepad (that LIVES by my bed) feverishly making notes, or listening to calls, reading books, sniffing out information and soaking it up like a sponge that’s been laying in the Sahara for three years – and I think:  It must look like I am totally stressed and going crazy!

Nothing could be further from the truth. I was reviewing A New Earth this morning, Ekhart Tolle’s fabulous book. In reading his conversation about enthusiasm, I came across this snippet: “Sustained enthusiasm brings into existence a wave of creative energy, and all you have to do then is ‘ride the wave.’ ”

That’s IT, exactly. There is so much energy available when I am in this space, that none of it really feels like work…or maybe more to the point, it is work that continually sustains and even builds my energy, rather than depleting it.

It feels so amazing to be back riding the wave. The fact that I’m helping others get on their boards and ride it as well is both what has me so engaged, AND the icing on the cake.

Thanks, Joan!!

Are you riding the wave in your life? If you’re not,  if you’re feeling that hole inside that lets you know there’s far more engagement possible than what you are experiencing now, know that it IS possible and you CAN get it back! If you want to have a specific conversation about it, let’s do a strategy session to see how you can get there. It’s free, takes an hour, and I offer a limited number each month.

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One comment on “Saying YES to life”

  • Practicing saying YES everyday to new shifts… and yes to the energy that sustains me and does not deplete me…
    Thanks Scout for all you do to help folks get on those boards and indeed ride the wave! You enthusiasm for life is contagious and I love it!


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