Reset Your World

Can you imagine a world that has reset itself where people stop competing with eachother and instead come to the table open and curious, really listening to one another, listening to their own inner wisdom, and taking action based on what they hear and feel?


A world where hands are outstretched, and solutions that truly sustain vibrant, beautiful life are sought and found?

A world filled with self-actualized people who love themselves, love each other, love the earth and act accordingly?


Reset you worldThis is the vision I hold of the world.

I believe that sort of loving cooperation is our natural state, and the way to get back to that is to release and reset whatever is getting in the way.

And I believe that a big part of what is getting in the way is our unconscious cultural conditioning.

This past week I had the chance to go deep into the biology of interaction, and learned some fascinating things.

It turns out that biologically, competition as a survival strategy is a myth.

The natural world is out there cooperating in amazing ways. Competition is avoided in nature because it is so costly to both creatures.

In our society, we have been conditioned to believe that competition is the prevailing natural force. We've trained ourselves to come from fear and protectiveness, holding an unconscious stance that everything is out to get us…which creates conditions that are NOT conducive to life.

The more we reset ourselfeves the better we can release the unconscious conditioning we are carrying, so that we truly com, at a heart-felt level, from openness, curiosity and willingness, the more we will come to the table with a deep expectation that we can find a solution that really works for the long haul. The more we demand of ourselves that we find solutions that ARE conducive to life.

And as a result, those solutions are found.

This is my piece of the big piuzzle.

I help you reset your deep, unconscious beliefs and expectations about yourself and your relationship to the world, so you release that unconscious self-protection, and move into the openness that leads to truly effective cooperation.


I will help you come to the table even more open, willing and curious.


I am really excited about the people I am now working with – world leaders and change agents. It's an amazing new world we are stepping in to, and I hope you are feeling this too!!!


If you'd like to check out the program I offer to move you into this opening, you can find it here.  


My work and this program specifically has frequently been called the "How to" piece for teachings of other thought leaders like Wayne Dyer and Brenee Brown.

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