I have a vision of us humans as magical creatures covered with beautiful, powerful antennae.

Because of the times we have come through, our antennae are kind of flattened. We’ve trained ourselves to keep them under cover because the world as it has been hurts them.

I believe we are in the process of learning a new way of being together that allows our antennae to unfurl permanently and gloriously.


Somehow, I came in to this life knowing there was more – that there was something missing in the story I was being fed about what it is to be human. Through my deep connection to that knowing, although my antennae became flattened, I never gave up believing in them, knowing they were there.

My path in life has been to learn about myself as a human, finding a way to let my beautiful antennae unfurl.

For me, it is all about trust. Building my willingness to trust.

As I expand the trust I carry through the world, I become trustworthy as well…I create conditions in which people feel safe to unfurl their own antennae around me.

Which spirals back around and helps my own antennae become more and more open, free flowing and powerful.

It is an exquisite dance to witness and feel, as I am able to share trust and expansion, rather than fear and contraction. I feel a sense of relief and gratitude beyond words.

It seems to me there is a process of contraction that happens over the course of a fairly normal modern life.

We come in curious, lively, adventurous and bold, but little by little, or sometimes in one huge moment, we start to shrink up, close up. We begin to lose trust.

Slowly (or suddenly) we become

Disillusioned – begin to let go of the vision of the dream. First it begins to seem less and less possible, and then eventually we can’t even remember what it was, or call ourselves crazy for thinking it was possible.

Disenchanted – slowly losing our sense of magic

Disconnected – pulling in and protecting ourselves from things that hurt or scare us.

Despairing – this leaves you with no hope to feed your heart and it believes the dream was never there, or never real.

Children come in with a built-in sense of enchantment.

We know there is magic in the world, and we trust it.

Our cultural norms and expectations can take that away.
Wounded, disillusioned, disenchanted adults can take it away.
Experiences we have in the world can take it away.

This can be done with the very best of intentions.
This is generally done completely unconsciously.

But it is done, none the less.

Is re-enchantment possible?
I have seen, for myself and others, that it is absolutely possible to get back to enchantment, even with all you now know about the hard things in the world.

It is different. It is a mature enchantment, not the child’s version.

It is a ability to step into the dream while still being aware of the danger, and the potential for pain.

And I believe it is the most important thing we can do for our world:

Rebuild the enchantment our hearts came in knowing, and regain our willingness to move forward with love even in the face of the potential for heartbreak.

The journey continues.
These days, I can clearly feel the acceleration of this process – I mean, I can physically, physiologically feel it. It is a huge feeling, and it comes in waves; there is a breathing motion to it.

This is the process: I have what is often a hard moment of cracking open, which is always followed by an incredibly expansion of clarity, openness and power. And the magic comes in at a whole new level.


I help people go inside, by going outside. I use real-world adventures in the wilderness, in building, and in art to help people get past the unconscious self-protection they’ve built up over the course of life, and find the magic. The magic that is all around us.

People report that working with me helps them feel more alive.

They come to trust the magic again, while standing strong, powerfully connected in a very grounded way to this beautiful world.

If you would like to experience this yourself, I invite you to learn more. You can download and read my e-book, which contains many true stories from nature of how this magical world works around us, and how to connect to that magic yourself. That will also connect you in my community, where I share what I am learning. You can easily unsubscribe at any time.

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