Principles For Our Human Adventure

Honor yourself

Go at your own pace; You are responsible for your own safety (and comfort).
Speak up. Help us understand you.
Be nimble. Expand your ability to anticipate needs/challenges, opportunities and possibilities.
Notice the relief as you exchange trying to be right for feeling comfortable in your own skin.

Honor others

Know when to go at your own pace, when to adapt, and how to do both well.
Practice forgiveness as a willingness to be surprised.
Cut everyone some slack. Accept your own and others’ quirks, and free everyone up by giving the benefit of the doubt.
Share the load, share the leadership and share the love.

Honor the Earth

Live lightly. Let enough be enough. Honor the small steps.
Look after the ounces, and the pounds will take care of themselves.
Embrace the paradox: No thing really matters, and every single thing matters. Nothing and no one is too small to matter, nothing and no one is so big as to be responsible for the whole thing.

Bless it all

Recognize that everything and everyone is part of the adventure. Without exception.
Trust your own belonging.
Show up with kindness, curiosity and an open, excited heart. Let life handle the fairness.

No one but life can know enough to judge, and life does not judge…Life celebrates what works for the whole system.

Be an active engaged part of the system.

Be ready, be able, be willing,

Be all in

Bless us all
As we let go and trust ourselves, each other and life, more and more, may we thrive together in joy and abundance.

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