Gratitude: A New Era


The Dawning of a New Era

New EraWe are shifting from a world in which the predominant paradigm has been that of separateness, scarcity, lack and competition.

We are moving into a new era, of unity. Oneness. The merging of the divine feminine with the masculine.

As we move into this new era, our job is to let go of the old ways, and allow this new era to dawn free and clear. Our most important tool to do that is gratitude.

This page will lead you to a recording of a call I did on 12-19-12 with the people in my year-long program.

At the end of our call, it was clear that so much had come through that it really needed to be shared. So I asked for and received their permission to do so. They are opening up and allowing you to see them in all their humanness, and for that I am sincerely grateful.

As you watch what’s happening in the world right now, and wonder how to help, choose gratitude.


We’re in a time of immense shift, when a lot of change is possible. Old things that haven’t worked are ready to be released, shifted out.

The first step to releasing the old is feeling deeply grateful for everything that is here, and everything that has led up to this point. Everything. I explain more about how to do this, on this call.

And then I walk you through a deep releasing using EFT tapping. There are instructions for tapping below, and in the email you will receive with the download link as well.

If you would like help shifting old stuff out by increasing your feeling of gratitude for how it used to serve you, so that it can now leave, listen to this call. You can register to download it here:








May this serve.





As I lead the EFT session on this call, tapping on “Thank you”, I highly suggest you tap along. You can find a description of EFT on my website here:

The points to tap, when you are tapping along, are:

  1. the inside tip of your eyebrow, on the orbit bone
  2. beside your eye, on the orbit bone
  3. below your eye, on the orbit bone
  4. between your nose and upper lip
  5. between you lower lip and chin
  6. on your collar bone
  7. under your arm, where a bra strap would cross your body
  8. the top of your head.


Just tap along, through those points at whatever speed feels right to you, as you listen to the recording during the EFT session.

The Dawning of a New Era.


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