My Personal Creed

I believe that we are in the process of a profound shift into a new level of being human.

We are moving from a condition of acting unconsciously from a stance of protection and separation into a condition of conscious connection that is changing everything about who we are and how we move through and act in the world.


In our fear-driven unconscious state, we have all been scared of not belonging, of not being enough, and of not being wanted.

In response, we have protected ourselves from each other, increasing everyone’s separation, and intensifying the problem.

While there have always been beautiful spiritual teachers of all kinds who have understood this, the possibility of accepting one another and connecting from the heart seemed unfathomable or out of reach to the rest of us.


We have reached a time in our movement through history that a critical mass of individuals now see open, conscious connection as possible, and who are living as if it is possible. 

As a result, we are creating a world in which the new possible is happening, and is becoming more accessible to everyone.


In this space, this is what I have come to believe, and the platform from which I act:

I believe there are no evil people.

There are only scared people doing horrifying things to keep themselves safe.

We deny this because the behaviors and beliefs we are witnessing do not make sense. They are so clearly NOT making things safer.


The thing is, the choices and behaviors that look so appalling, that ARE so appalling, are not the result of logical thought.

These protective behaviors are not based on logic. They are based on primal needs and old, reptilian patterns.


These behaviors are not conscious choices. They are unconscious strategies.


All behaviors and beliefs are strategies. The behaviors that hold us back and create struggle are based on a belief that we are not safe, and we have to close up and protect ourselves. The behaviors that move us forward and allow us to connect are based on a belief that we are safe and can open up.

The bigger the terror, the more aggressive, horrifying and debilitating the behaviors, and the more rigidly those behaviors are held on to. We have a death grip on the worst of our behaviors.


These strategies cannot be changed or diffused with logic; they have to be dealt with at a visceral, full-body level.

The way our protection shows up in our day to day life is in the form of judgment.

We judge other people as wrong, evil, stupid, clueless, and we fight to push them away or change them.


But what allows people to change is to be able to find a place of safety that is deep and real. Where they can feel sincerely seen and appreciated for who they are and for their highest intention.

Only then can they breathe, relax their protection, and consider alternatives.

So the work at hand is not merely to release judgment, but to take the next step, and replace it with sincere appreciation.


I believe that in order for this to be possible, each of us has this work to do individually, inside ourselves.

The judgment we hold of other people is a reflection of our judgment of ourselves. As we each relax our own self-judgment, we can allow other people to be OK too, and we can move closer together. We can truly open up to and appreciate each other.


I believe that our own mastery of our own personal energy, in the form of releasing self-judgment and moving into self-appreciation is the only thing standing between us and complete conscious connection. Complete possibility.

I have personally experienced the fact that it is actually straightforward to achieve this level of mastery through using a variety of simple tools that are in the world right now, available to all. There are thousands of people all over the world exploring, learning, teaching and sharing these tools.

It is a matter of making the choice to set the intention to accept ourselves, and use the tools to help ourselves do so.

It is a matter of choosing to diffuse the knee-jerk triggers and judgments that push us apart, and replace them with an openness and willingness to connect.


The more people do this, the easier it gets for everyone. The rising tide is lifting all boats.


It is clear to me that we have already passed a tipping point of people who have made this choice, who are using these tools and making this change, and the process is well seeded in the world.


I am incredibly excited and optimistic about what is coming.

2 comments on “My Personal Creed

  • Andrea L. Kassner says:

    Hi Scout. I don't pretend to understand completely what constitutes your creed. I do appreciate your optimism and excitement.

    I come from a place of cautious optimism. I, too, see change towards the positive movement in humanity's existence. I do, however, see and feel an increase in fear, paranoia, and distrust of those who communicate conspiracies and unsubstantiated sciences. My fear is that those who manifest these feelings will inhibit the growth of the positives. And that tipping point we crave will again reverse into blindness.

    I want to understand more of the tools of which you referred. I want to feel the same optimism and excitement you eminate in your writing. I wish to live without the cautiousness.

    Thank you for such a well written essay. It is worthy of further thought.


    • Thank you, Andrea.

      I appreciate the chance to share ideas.

      My optimism comes from a deep exploration of both metaphysics and quantum science, which both agree that we actually do create our own experience by what we focus on and hold in our vibration. The tools that I refer to span a wide range of things that release anger (EFT, The Work by Byron Katie, The Sedona Method) and invite relaxation (Yoga, QiGong, time in nature) and release the deep fears (Havening) and exploring new perspectives of thought…There’s way too much to say about the tools than will fit here.

      The main thing, to me, is to hold the intention to open. Do whatever it takes to feel all your feelings without exception, and get help with allowing the ones that scare you. Then focus on the evidence for what you want in the world. There is evidence that the world is goign to hell, and there is evidence that it is moving to a new place that is beautiful beyond belief. Whichever one of those we focus on and feed energy to, that is what we will create.

      Don’t hate the haters…feel your pain, feel your anger, feel whatever you’re feeling, don’t deny your feelings or make yourself wrong. Then move on and focus, again, on what you want to create more of. Feed no energy to what you don’t want. Lean into what you do.

      In my view, the increase in paranoia comes from the fact that the institutions that have created separation are crumbling as people withdraw their support. So the people who depend on those institutions for their power or stability are terrified.

      Love them. Do whatever you can to help yourself and other people feel safe enough to embrace this extreme change we are all moving through. Lean into trust.

      Focus on the reasons to hope, the evidence for hope, even as you allow yourself to feel all your feelings which also include anger, despair and frustration.

      You don’t have to deny the one thing, or make it wrong, to focus on the other. In fact, it’s quite important to let go of making the other wrong. That just feeds it energy.

      It’s a process. I began this process myself, about ten years ago, because I was feeling such despair, such a lack of engagement. The insights and tools I found have brought me to this place I write about. If you really want what you say, to feel the optimism and excitement I am carrying, we can get on the phone and do a discovery session. In that way I can take you to feel what I am talking about.

      The Arctic explorer said Thorleif Thorleifsson said, “It is too late to be a pessimist. 

      I would say that it is way to late in the game to be anything other than optimistic.


      Thank you again, for engaging in this conversation. I hope this helps.




      “The future belings to those who give the next generation reason to hope.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


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