Making Change that Counts – Unconsciously

Are your relationships lively and loving? Do you feel excited and grateful to get to do the work you do? Do you feel creative and alive?  Physically, are you feeling healthy and vibrant?

If not – is there some reason that this is OK? What voice inside you is saying that this is enough? That’s the question that will lead you to make the changes that really count.


The very best reason to make personal change is to move to a higher level of vibrancy.


To feel more enthusiasm and to be more engaged with your life.  To feel more joy, more life, more love., more peace.

There is a powerful model of change for people like you, who are doing well…and want to do even better, who want to experience even more.


Deep change that achieves high vibrancy is based on a simple core principle:


Your unconscious mind is responsible for the vast majority of your actions, behaviors and results.

When you want to change your results, the place to make change is at the deepest possible unconscious level. There are specific steps to do this.

  • The first step is to find the recurring patterns in your life that are not working. Get as clear as you can about what those patterns are.  Define them as clearly as you can.
  • Once you have defined the pattern, listen for the inner voice that is creating it. Get curious. What is it that part of you is saying, that keeps creating this pattern? If you can’t actually hear it, what do you imagine it must be, in order to create this result?
  • Then the works is to shift that voice into one that supports the patterns you want instead. How to do this is beyond the scope of this article. I invite you to explore what is possible – there are incredibly powerful tools available to shift your unconscious patterns. Click here for one simple, fun example.


There is a hierarchy to the process of change.


  • Your values create your beliefs, which define your attitudes, which drive your behaviors, which create your results.
  • The closer you go to the source to make change, the deeper and more permanent the change will be.
  • If you simply change a behavior to get a different result, it is may be a short-lived change, or you may may change an annoying habit, which is great. When you can change a belief, the change will go far deeper. When you clear up a core values conflict, you will experience stunningly beautiful, peaceful and permanent results. This is the level at which you will change your life.


As you change, you will move through levels of awareness in a specific way.


  • When you first reach a new level of awareness, there is a period of time of learning, exploring, integrating that awareness.
  • Eventually, you approach the edge of that level, and begin to want more. There is generally a growing sense of deep frustration at this point, if you get to the edge and can’t quite shift.
  • When the shift occurs, there is a major AHA moment, when you truly see the world through a new lens. You jump to the next level.
  • You re-enter the time of exploring, learning and integrating, at the new level.
  • In the early levels, as you are learning how to work with your unconscious, you can do much of this work yourself.
  • The deeper you go into your awareness, the more you need guidance to access the unconscious areas that are ready to shift. (Using myself as an example: when I bump up against an irritating limitation, I will do the things I know to do, to release it. And when I sense myself reaching the edge of a quantum level, I go for help. There are simple ways to tell the difference)


Making deep and lasting change can be fun and exciting.


I find it an intriguing and engaging puzzle, to get to the place where things just get easier and you can’t even really say why. The pictures inside get different, the thoughts you think become more fun and interesting, the monkey mind takes a break and you wake up in the morning with your creative juices flowing.

That’s the world I want to be part of!! How about you?


If you want to know more about how your unconscious mind works, I offer a recording which covers this much more thoroughly.

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