Loving life, learning new things

I am loving my summer.

I am doing a lot of guiding at the moment, often taking people into the Narrows,
a deep canyon in Zion National Park.


People sometimes ask me if I get a little jaded or tired of doing this hike,
and I am really delighted to say that it’s actually the opposite.


Taking people out into this country that I love so much is exactly what
keeps me from becoming jaded or tired.


I learn something new on every trip,
I gain in appreciation and awe, for myself,
the people I am with, the beauty we are in,
and the system it is all a part of.

And the people I am with do too.


It’s the most gratifying work possible.

And it’s the same thing with my coaching and energy work –
which is simply another version of wilderness guiding.

No matter which trip I’m taking, the big question I am always exploring is:

How do I relax into my life so I feel deeply inspired,

curious, excited and engaged,

Deeply appreciated and able to appreciate others,

Knowing myself as part of something big and meaningful…


Accepting myself as the amazing individual I am,

so I can accept others as the amazing individuals they are…


…How do we let go of trying to turn ourselves into pretzels,

trying to be whatever we think we are supposed to be,

and just go ahead and be exactly who we are?


Perhaps, like me, you find yourself feeling a deep yearning for more truth, more honest, more open connection.

Perhaps you find yourself asking things like:

  • How can I create more space, time and energy in my life?
  • How can I create vibrant relationships with no fear of losing myself?
  • How do I speak my truth without losing people I love?
  • How do I truly help someone else without it becoming another “rescue”?


These are big questions for all of us – how do we do this human thing, beautifully, together?


My entire purpose is to participate in the exploration,
understanding and accepting of one simple truth:

We humans, all of us, are beautiful, amazing creatures,
each here to do our part to help expand consciousness, possibility, human capacity and beauty.


We are worthy of understanding and owning our own inherent wholeness,

and as we do we are creating a more and more beautiful world around us.


I believe that we can do this by learning to honor both our own
wholeness and the wholeness of those around us.

We do this by understanding and honoring our natural structure of wholeness.

We also do this by learning to speak our truth with love.

That is what I will be teaching and coaching you through,

in the program I am offering in September.

I hope you’ll check it out: