Let yourself WANT what you want.

We spend a lot of time in life making it OK – ormaui_pool_crop even positive – that we don’t have what we want. If we get offered an opportunity for a college reunion cruise that we can’t afford…well, we say – that’s OK. I’m really happy right here where I am. I’m really fine. And, it’s true. It’s GREAT to be content where you are, and grateful for what IS in your life.

Anyone who has followed me for any time at all knows that I am all about gratitude. Gratitude for every single thing in my life that has brought me to this place where I stand, right now. Deep, sincere gratitude.

And, I know it’s possible to hold desire for more, at the same time. For me, this means an ongoing desire – an absolute hunger – for total engagement with life. Desire for work that connects me EVEN MORE with my passion and with others who share it, or want to share it. Desire for more time in the red rock desert, more excellent time with those I love…

How about you? When you lift the veil that says, “I’m really OK, in fact, I’m doing great, I’m grateful” – what is out there that you would love to draw towards?

When I sit with a person in a strategy session, that’s my main request. For this moment, while still holding the gratitude, let’s look at what is really in your heart. Just for now, quit trying to make it OK that you don’t have what you want in your life. Let yourself get in touch with your desire, because that is what will pull you toward making it happen.

When you get offered that reunion cruise, let yourself get in touch with how amazing it will be to be there! To stand at the bow of that ship, feeling the wind in your hair. Knowing you are surrounded by people who love you, who have been a part of your path and are celebrating your successes with you, and you with them. Hear the laughter and feel the freedom as you take a break from your day to day and play. Hear the gulls overhead, the flapping of the sails, catch your breath as a dolphin leaps out of the water so you feel the salt spray when it splashes back in playfully.

Being engaged in this way with the feelings of having what you really want is what will open the floodgates for it all to come in. It’s not about the boat or the big house – go past that, and imagine the feelings that you are hoping to feel, through having those things. Feel those feelings NOW and let the universe know what it is you want.

When you truly let yourself WANT what you want, you will begin to call it in.

Life is short. Bring it on!

Please leave your comments, and make this a conversation! Share it with others – let’s engage!

2 comments on “Let yourself WANT what you want.

  • Hi Scout,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog post.
    I am just working my way through ‘You Can Have What You Want’ by Michael Neill, and so I totally agree with your view point. Is this alot to do with the Law of Attraction?

    Regards, Ray

    • Ray,
      Thanks for the comment! I love it when people respond.
      This definitely has to do with the law of attraction: we attract that which matches what we are feeling. When we feel scared, we attract more scary experiences, when we feel relaxed and open, we attract more of the same. So – in the end the whole point of this is to FEEL how you want to feel strongly enough that you create more of that feeling.
      Since the real key is to get to the FEELING, do a bit of self-exploration around what you think you want.
      If what you want is stuff, ask yourself: “What is the feeling that I am hoping this stuff will bring me?”
      Then – go right to deeply imagining feeling that way, right now.
      You can create the feeling in your imagination, by imagining a specific event in which that feeling is easy…then intensify the picture by clearly imagining the details, what you’re saying to yourself, what’s happening around you, and FEEL the feeling. Intensify the colors, sounds and feelings, and really turn up the volume on the feelings.
      When you do that consciously and consistently, even for five minutes a day, you will change your reality.
      All without having to go through the step of having the stuff!


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