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Who adds value to your life?

I am in the process of moving, so I have been fixing up my house to put it on the market. I noticed, in the process, that I got pretty tweaked by the number of people I was talking with who said something to the effect of:  "You don't need to hire a Realtor, you can do this yourself."

The interesting thing is that these comments were largely from professional people who want and expect other people to hire them for their own expertise.

And here they are, resisting hiring others and actually actively working to keep me from doing so as well.

I got to thinking about the movement of money in an economy, what it takes to get energy flowing, the current angst and anger about the "1%" having all the wealth.
We can each be a much greater part of the solution, and keep the money flowing among the people who are doing things we appreciate and who add value to our lives, by being willing and even eager to hire one another for our expertise. Hire the people who are inspired to do good work in their own area of expertise.
Quit spending your money on STUFF – which yes, largely puts the money into the pockets of a big corporation.

Invest your money in the expertise of people who add value to your life

It just so happens that I have a Realtor I work with whom I have worked with on many transcctions over the years and I fully honor the value she brings to my life.
Could I do this myself? Sure. Not as good as she can, but I could do it. I can also massage my own calves, or trade backrubs with a friend. I can also And I have massage therapist friends who have magic in their hands, and I am delighted to pay them for their magic. The decision to support these people puts the wealth where we want it – in the hands of those who are bringing value to our lives.



Find the people who are adding value to your life and pay them as well as you possibly can.


Get the energy of money flowing in that way.

Chances are high that you yourself have a gift in the world that you want to offer as your way to make a living. Why not get the energy flowing in the giving/receiving cycle that supports that? Become aware of the places where you stop the cycle by saying "I can do this myself" – and check in. That may be true.

Then again, is this a place where there is someone who is an artist at this, whom you can support, and when you do, they will be able to bring their gift even more into the world?

Which will free you up to bring more of your own gift into the world?

And will that put more energy in the form of money ot there for people to give back to you for what you do?

What if we all think more generously about one another's gifts, and redistribute our wealth among ourselves by honoring one another. I see this as a form of tithing. Support what inspires you, and adds value to your world. Including the professional services of people who make your life better.


I offer this note in gratitude and tribute to my Realtor, Laura Merrill, who definitely adds value to my life. Thank you. Laura.



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