I see hope in the leaders of tomorrow

Upcoming Leaders
Upcoming Leaders

This morning I’m thinking a lot about the young people I have met in my travels over the past few years. I’ve lived in some shared housing situations, worked side by side, met them at gatherings and coffee shops and on the street – and I have to say, getting out into the world and talking to these young people has completely shifted my formerly fairly pessimistic view of what’s to come to one of excitement and anticipation.

When I compare my own level of consciousness in my twenties to that which I am seeing around me, I’m amazed, gratified and encouraged. Our future is in the hands of strong, conscious people who care a lot, have a lot of energy, take responsibility, get stuff done and have a good time doing it. I’m seeing balanced lives full of sharing, laughter, love and caring.

Thanks to everyone who’s made this happen – the parents who did such a great job, the kids who took it in, the circles that have supported their growth and encouraged their exploration. Everyone who has helped to bring us to the place we are today.

When you look out at the world, you will see whatever you look for…I know I might hear from people who have had an opposite experience.

For me, I love what I found out there in the world of young people. This is what I am looking for, this is what I am focusing on, and this is what I intend to help create more of in the world, in whatever way I can.

Rock on!

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