I am going to die

We Are Going to Die

Going to die



I am going to die.

It happened so fast I didn’t even have time to react.

The semi and I met on a two-lane highway in Nevada.
We were maybe 100’ apart at 75mph when he came into my lane.

What I saw was the jerk as he corrected.

Had he not jerked, you would not be reading this letter. We were too close together even for an instinctive response from me – it would have been over before I could have even felt my heart speed up.

Talk about focusing moment.

In the next few minutes, I wrote this whole letter in my head.


I read somewhere recently that by far most of us live in denial of our own death.

If we did truly know we were going to die, we would do things very differently.

This moment woke me up, at least for awhile.

Yes, maybe not today. But make no mistake, I am going to die and I don't know when.

What am I doing with my life while I’m here?

What would I be doing differently right now if I knew that truck would hit tomorrow?

Yes, I am going to die. And so are you.

As I said, I wrote this post in my head in the next few moments – and I put it on paper the next day, as a letter to my community. This had happened the day before, and already I could feel it distancing.
I could feel the old strategies coming in.
The strategies that keep my mortality at bay so I can do the mundane things that keep daily life going.

I intend to resist that. I intend to hold onto this focus and use it to stay more engaged, so I go ahead and do the “scary” things that are so easy to put off.

I have a renewed intention to live the most engaged life I possibly can.

How about you?

What would you be doing differently, if you were really in touch with how fleeting this life is?

What dream would you pursue if you knew you only had a short time to do it?

What goals do you have that you say you want to make happen, without actually taking action on?

What patterns in your life are you totally fed up with but have not yet changed – yoyo diets, boom and bust finances, or just plain endless overwhelm?

Are you satisfied to let them be?

Here’s the one sure thing: Someday you may meet a truck and it may happen just that fast.
Or it may happen more slowly.

Either way, someday it will happen. Your life will be over.

As I drove on thinking about trucks and life and wake-up calls, it occurred to me that what I am really offering, when I offer a discovery session, is a wake–up call.

On this call, I ask you what you really want in your life. We get crystal clear on that.

Then we get crystal clear on the cost of you not going for it…and make no mistake, I will push you into feeling that cost. Ask anyone who has been on this call. And know how many people write or call to say,

“What can I say – that call changed my life.”

On this call, you get a chance to connect to how it feels, and what it costs your system, to pretend that things which are not OK be OK.

I will connect you to your determination to do something different.

And I will hold space for you to decide.

Are you going to go for it?
What exactly are you going to do? When?

My personal agenda on this call is to get you into action in a new way. Whatever action is right for you. So when that truck comes, you're satisfied.

Is that interesting to you?

If you know that there’s a big dream in you, and you want to have that conversation to get connected to your determination to make it happen, let’s talk.

It’s a free call, with no obligation.

Just send me an email, with answers to the following questions, and I’ll get back to you.

What most resonated for you in this post?
What is your biggest current frustration?
What would you like to have be true instead?
What have you done so far to achieve this?

Please give me your info so I can contact you for our call:

Skype ID (if out of North America):
What time zone are you in?

I hope I get to talk with you!


P.S. What was I doing on that road in Nevada?

I was returning from a two day, wonderfully intense meeting in Las Vegas with a group of people a lot like me. People who are determined to live much more engaged lives, doing what we are really here to do, letting go of the fake little fears that stop us from standing up and getting on with what we really want to be doing.

I came out of the meeting pretty darn fired up.

Then came the semi.

What a wake up call. What a reminder.

Don’t just talk about it. This is your life. It’s real, it’s here, it’s now.  

We are going to die.

What are you going to do?

Write and tell me, OK? Let's talk.

Just reply to this email with the answers to those questions.




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