How can you reclaim YOUR Spark?

Fall Colors in the Bitterroots For the last couple of months, I have been at home in Montana, working on my business, reconnecting with friends and the mountains, and enjoying a glorious fall.

In and amongst all that, I have been working with my friend Debbie LaChusa (aka The Business Stylist) to hone in even more on who I am, in this work, and who I am serving, and how to communicate that in a meaningful way.

The past week we’ve done some breakthrough work together…coming up with distinctions that on the face of things may seem tiny – but in my gut are the difference between absolutely nailing my message, and shining in the clarity of my convictions – or being just enough off that it’s not quite me, and as a result just sounds like noise in the world. I’d like to share some of the clarity I’ve received, in the hopes that it might resonate and help you get some too.

Reclaiming Your Spark

Have you ever felt like you’re just not truly showing up as yourself, in all your self-assured, confident glory? You know, at your core, who you are…and at the moment, that capable, confident person seems to be missing.

What has become crystal clear to me is that the people I am here to serve are women who have been successful, confident, self-assured – and who, for whatever reason, are NOT now. They are just beginning to realize that this is the problem – and they are becoming determined to get it back.

As I look back over my ideal clients, who have been wonderfully helpful in putting words to all this, I understand that women in this position are often looking in the usual places – working harder, getting a new mentor, taking new trainings, launching new products, even trying new relationships or diets…but what worked before is not working. It’s becoming clear that it’s not “out there” – all of a sudden (or little by little) they’ve just stopped showing up as powerfully as they are accustomed to showing up.

For some reason, the part of them that was on board with being successful before has jumped ship. In my captain-and-the-crew analogy, the crew has gone AWOL. The result is that sinking, debilitating knowledge that where you were on fire before, making things happen and sailing along – you are NOT now. And it’s frustrating as hell.

Believe me, I know the feeling.  It’s actually been the marker that lets me know I am on the cusp of a huge leap. I have come to see that this generally  happens when the universe is calling us to be bigger – to step into our REAL work, the work of our soul. Our purpose, which is also our joy. The stuff that really matters – so, by definition, it’s scarier, and the stakes are much, much higher.  And so we get stopped.

What do you do, when you hit that point? If you are there – if this resonates: what are you going to do right now? Are you going to allow this state of affairs to continue, until the noise inside, the frustration, the sense of settling for less than what you’re REALLY here to do, gets so big that you do something about it? Or, are you ready to step up now, and make the change…get your crew on board so they eagerly join in moving that ship forward toward your big dreams?

It’s up to each of us, how hard we require the wake up calls from the universe to be. You can respond when it’s the tickle of a feather, the pain of a brick or the trauma of the Mack Truck.

I absolutely believe the world is out there waiting for you, to show up as your biggest, brightest, shiniest self. If you’ve lost touch with that part of yourself, contact me and let’s get you into action to get reconnected. Why wait to reclaim your spark?

If this was helpful, or gave you something to think about, how about leaving a comment and continuing the conversation? Thanks!!

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