Open the door and Follow your dreams

Open the door and Follow your dreams

Don't judge your dreams and desires.

Let it be OK to want them, while you also
Let where you are be good right now.

Let yourself want what you want enough to reach for it,
and believe in yourself and your deservingness to allow it in

Where the magic distinction is for me,
in thinking of and wanting to create results,
is in making sure that I am leaving the door open,
Making sure I don't close it inadvertantly through
my own fear or judgment about who I am, my deservingness, etc.

Rumi said it beautifully: Don't seek love, seek and remove the barriers to love.

I don't need to yank the doors open.
My part is just to make sure I haven't put any door stops in the way.

The doorstops are always about judgment
The openings are always about gratitude.

Follow your dreams



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