My story by a coffee mug: Follow the Voice in Your Heart

Follow the Voice in Your Heart- What supports and marks the evolution in your life?

Several years ago, I set out on the journey to find my self and my work. It was Christmastime when I was packing up to rent out and leave my home. For Christmas, my oldest friend gave me a beautiful coffee mug. It had stylized women’s faces in rich, vibrant colors, and woven through the faces was this phrase:

Follow the Voice in Your Heart

What I did not realize as I began my journey was that this mug bore not only the advice I needed then, but that those six words – “ Follow the voice in your heart ” – would be at the very core of my work today. I take people to the places where they can hear and " follow the voice in your heart " their own hearts .

I carried that mug everywhere. The entire time I was on the road it was with me; it was the single physical anchor that lasted through time. It still travels with me at times, and as my life has unfolded, things have shifted.

For three years I lived in other people’s spaces. During that time there was only one week, when I was staying at a friend’s house and she was traveling, that I had a space completely to myself, where I could play the music as loud as I wanted and be completely free to act without thinking about impacting another person.

I had been staying with her for several weeks, and just before she left on her trip, she gave me a sweet mug I had adopted as my own while in her space. The mug symbolized home to me, a place of being settled, sitting by a warm fire, having nowhere to go. It still does. When I need a dose of feeling totally settled, I choose that mug. 

This summer I was gifted with a third mug. It had not occurred to me until this moment that all three of these mugs were gifts. I have a friend who creates incredibly beautiful raku pottery, working with a live open fire. She gave me one of her mugs that is simple and unique – it’s shaped generally like a large paper cup, with much more sensuous lines. It has the colors of the earth and fire; you can actually see the “map” of the tongue of fire blazoned on the side. Follow the Voice in Your Heart

A grounded go-cup and a grounded go-life

This mug fits in the go-cup holder in my car perfectly, so it has become my go-cup, even though it has no lid. That’s OK; it doesn’t need a lid. This particular mug brings  together the feelings of the other two, and grounds them in a perfect way. It’s a grounded go-cup. And my life at this time feels like a grounded go-life. " Follow the Voice in Your Heart "My heart is strong because i followed the voice in my heart, and I now love and trust it enough to follow where it leads me.

I am still on my quest. “Home” remains a central question in my life – where is home, what is home, who is home, why is home? I leave the question of “how is home?” to the Universe, which does a splendid job of taking care of the “hows” when I have clarity in my heart on the other questions.

As I travel and explore, gently open to answers to the “home” questions, I am beautifully supported by the evolution of mugs in my life.

What are the key pieces that support and mark the evolution in your life? I would love to hear about them! Please share them below.

Will you Follow the Voice in Your Heart ?

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